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The importance of educational history is usually identified as the knowledge that helps us move into the future, forearmed with the knowledge of the past. Michael L. Mark

To be useful, history must be made accessible.

The First School (or National School), was the first free public school in Kansas. Located in what was then Indian Territory and would later become the state of Kansas, the school opened July 1, 1844. It was the first building built solely for school purposes, freely serving both Indian and white children. Built and taught by John McIntyre Armstrong (Wyandot Indian and Lawyer), the school was located near what is today 4th Street between State Avenue and Nebraska. ("The first free school managed by the people of any neighborhood of the Territory." Lucy Armstrong)

Our history site logo (picture at top right) is Everett School (built 1881 at 4th and Everett in KCKs), renamed Grant in 1923. The original Everett/Grant School was razed in 1956 when the current Grant Elementary School (located at 1510 North 4th Street) was built.

Information from Loren L. Taylor, past president of the Wyandotte County Historical Society and Museum . . . It is interesting to note that under the old crest and flag of Kansas City, Kansas there were five stars. They represented the original five communities that formed the new city. They were: Wyandott, Kansas City, Armourdale, Armstrong and Riverview. It was the public schools within these five communities that formed the original nine schools of Kansas City, Kansas at the time of the 1886 Act of Consolidation: Armstrong, Barnett, Central, Chance, Everett, Lincoln, McAlpine, Riverview, Wood

Historical Overview

Our History Overview provides a short, overall look at the KCKs Public Schools from 1844 through the present.

(Please keep in mind when reading this web site, that the webmaster/compiler when referring to a free public school is referring to schools built and/or supported by the community for the purpose of academic education - a school that is not a subscription school nor a mission school established by missionaries/religious organizations.)

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A special series on the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools and their 160 years began in the KANSAN Newspaper on Saturday, April 17, 2004. KANSAN web site

List of Articles and Dates of Printing (pdf)

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Wyandotte County Map - 1878

History of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Part I / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 (.pdf)

Historic Map of Wyandotte County from the KS State Historical Society

Kansas State School History

Then and Now - Local History at the KCKs Public Library website

Looking for . . .

Past Wy Co School Districts


Territorial Kansas Online

Wyandotte County GenWeb

Historians Roundtable of Wyandotte County, Kansas

New Item

The Wyandot Indians, 1843-1876 by Dr. Robert E. Smith, Jr., May 1973

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There are currently four school districts in Wyandotte County. Links are provided for your convenience. Any questions related to USD 202, USD 203, or USD 204 should be directed to their respective administration office.

Central School located in Huron Square circa 1900, at 813 Barnett in 2006 - over 140 years of history

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools - USD 500

History of Turner Public Schools - USD 202

Piper Public Schools- USD 203

Bonner Springs, Edwardsville Public Schools - USD 204

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The first comprehensive history of Wyandotte County written in 95 years is now available.

"The Historic Communities of Wyandotte County" by Loren L. Taylor with the active participation of the historians community and organizations of Wyandotte County.

Loren Taylor at (913) 321-6195
Wyandotte County Historical Society and Museum
at (913) 721-1078

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The Spelling of Wyandot, Wyandott, Wyandotte

[Note: Over the course of history, the spelling of Wyandot, Wyandott, and Wyandotte was numerous times misspelled by various publications and various documents, depending on the author/originator. Today's local Wyandotte County historians commonly use the spelling of Wyandot when referring to the Indian Nation, Wyandott when referring to Wyandott City which became Kansas City KS in the 1886 Act of Consolidation, and Wyandotte when referring to the County.]

From the Wyandott Herald, 4 January 1872
Editor/Owner: Vincent J. Lane (Board of Education member, politician, newspaperman, husband and father, founder of the Wyandotte County Historical Society)

Why do you spell Wyandott without an E? We have been asked the above question by a number of our citizens since we issued the Prospectus of the Herald.

Whilst there may be room for discussion as to the proper manner of spelling the word, we think that the only standard governing the case, has been established by the foregoing facts.


Request to Perform Research - USD 500

Classes in Kansas History and Wyandotte County History are available at the Kansas City Kansas Community College, taught by Edwin D Shutt II, educator and author of Silver City, A History of the Argentine Community of Kansas City, Kansas. Information is available online at the Community College site.

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