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The Argentine Republic
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November 30, 1917
Page 4

The Race Problem

One of the serious problems that confronts the American nation today more than any other nation in the world is so confronted is the race question. We have our share of it in Argentine and it is more or less a bother and trouble in many other parts of the country. To require little children coming out of the clean and well kept homes of the town to enter into close school room association with other children who are filthy and unclean, is not a fair thing to do. But it is also true that this condition is not only found among colored races but among the white race as well. And filth is filth whether the skin be brown, black or white. The big problem is a problem of sanitation.

Some answer that this is easy because of the fact that the teacher has the authority to exclude such individuals. In theory this is true but in practice it is not. A teacher regardless of what the law may provide has no more authority than the authorities above him or her are willing to back him or her up with. AGain, did you ever make it a practice of charging people with having filthy children. It may seem to be an easy proposition apparently to determine just what filth is, but in reality it is a more difficult proposition than we might at first think. What condition is essential in order that a person or individual should be so classed. If we were to make a survey of the town and list truthfully not what the people tell us but the facts concerning the number of baths taken and etc. what class would you belong to: Baths three times a week, two times a week, one time a week, or one or less every other week? About the only safe ground for the teacher to safely to stand upon is this: if the child has vermin visibly in the open, they are safe to exclude. If their condition is such as to make them notoriously obnoxious, the teacher if she be courageous and strong may take a chance. Otherwise, it will be safer and promote less serious difficulty if they overlook conditions and allow all others to remain.

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The Seventh Ward Improvement Association will Hold a Banquet for the Membership in the Near Future

Held an Important Meeting in which Various Interesting City Problems were Introduced and Disposed of

One of the interesting questions brought up for discussion was the question of the admission of Mexican children from the families of the Gillette Mexicans to the schools with the children from the white families. The children were not objected to on the account of their color but because of uncleanliness in person and in dress. This subject led to a warm discussion and the question was finally dropped without any definite action.