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Report on the Greater Kansas City
Francisco H. Ruiz, Principal Investigator
Penn Valley Community College

1925: For seven years the Argentine and Armourdale districts had kept Mexican children out of their schools. The superintendent, with the approval of the board, had provided separate facilities for the Mexican pupils. Three hundred sixty-four children were enrolled in the Kansas City, Kansas public schools in 1925. The latest case, involving four students at Argentine high school, had reached international proportions. This time the Mexican parents refused a special room and teacher for their children. Superintendent M. E. Pearson "agreed to pay carfare and tuition to a Kansas City, Missouri high school where they would be admitted without argument." The parents again refused. According to the minutes of the Union Cultural Mexicana, Saturnino Alvarado's children were still not enrolled at Argentine high school on May 30, 1926. At the time of the complaint, Superintendent Pearson had advised C. B. Griffith, Kansas Attorney General, that "none of the authorities had any objection to the Mexicans entering any of the Kansas City schools, but that the patrons of the schools involved were decidedly unwilling to have them do so."