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Centennial History of Argentine, Kansas City, Kansas, 1880-1980
Copyright 1980 by Simmons Funeral Home, Inc.
pg. 20

"Many writers, including myself, have overlooked one distinct ethnic group that has made a valuable contribution to the community of Argentine.  This group, because of social and political unrest in Mexico and employment opportunities offered by the railroad began arriving in Argentine by 1920.  Here they gained employment with the Santa Fe Railroad and the packing industries in great numbers and to a lesser extent with the Kansas City Structural Steel Company and other businesses.

Argentine, unfortunately, was a mere microcosm of America during the 1920-50's.  Consequently, Mexican-Americans suffered covert and more often open discrimination in the community.  Denied access to many businesses, they were forced to sit in segegated areas and denied access to the community grade school.  Mexican-American elementary school were forced to attend the Clara Barton Grade School from 1923 until 1951.  Unhappy memories still exist of this era which time has a habit of never completely erasing.  Urban renwal efforts in Argentine have removed some of the physical if never the emotional scars of an unhappy chapter in Argentine's history."

submitted by Edwin D. Shutt, II