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WHEREAS, Saturnino Alvarado was a member of the Argentine Community for many years and an outstanding citizen; and

WHEREAS, he had the welfare of the Community at heart and contributed unselfishly to the general growth and well being of the Community and to the educational advantages for the Mexican and Mexican American Youth of the Community; and

WHEREAS, in appreciation for his contributions to this Community it is desired to express the admiration and respect in which Mr. Alvarado is held by the citizens of this Community; and

WHEREAS, residents of Villa Argentina area have requested that the interior access way in the area by named ALVARADO DRIVE in honor of Saturnino Alvarado;

NOW THEREFORE , be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Kansas City, Kansas that:

The interior access way from the east right-of-way line of South 25th Street to the west right-of-way line of South 27th Street and parallel to the north right-of-way line of Metropolitan Avenue is hereby named ALVARADO DRIVE.

Passed by the governing body of the City of Kansas City, Kansas, this 27th day of December, 1984.

Signed by Tom G. Roberts, Deputy City Clerk