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Education Center

4601 State Ave., Suite 38
Kansas City, KS 66102
(913) 627-4999

Ed Center Preschool Homepage

In Spring of 2004, the Education Center was opened at the Indian Springs Marketplace on the s.e. corner of 46th & State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.  The space occupied had formerly been the J. C. Penny's Department Store.  The facility occupies more than 130,000 square feet of space on both floors of the former department store and the District has a 10-year lease agreement.  Renovation began at the site on January 15 to prepare it for staff, departments and students.

"We are pleased to report that 80 to 85 percent of the existing wall space was utilized in the renovation of the area," said Dr. Larry Englebrick, assistant superintendent for businesses services.  "This has really benefited the district in terms of cost savings and renovation time."

Due to student growth in the city, M. E. Pearson Elementary School and Whittier Elementary School were overcrowded, and the former elementary buildings of Central (8th & Barnett) and McKinley (14th & Armstrong) are being re-opened in the Fall of 2004.  Support programs occupying Central and McKinley in the Spring of 2004 were moved so that renovation could begin, and the support staff was housed at the new Education Center.  This work was part of the April 3, 2001 bond issue.  (Voters approved a proposed $120 million bond issue at the Municipal Election, Tuesday (April 3, 2001) to air-condition schools, improve technology, and make other upgrades to schools and public libraries.)  Support staff from the Central Office (located in the main branch of the KCKs Public Library at 625 Minnesota Ave., KCKs) and Special Education (600 Minnesota Ave) were also relocated in the Education Center.

Another part of the consolidation of services and releiving the overcrowded school conditions is the housing of 400-500 preschoolers at the Education Center.

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Departments Located at the Education Center- Fall, 2004

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Kansas City Star article
Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Indian Springs Mall opened in 1971 with a square footage of 726,000 feet. 

The anchors in 2004 are the USD 500 Education Center and a police hub, with some 30 organizations (including city offices).

After opening as a regional mall some 30 years ago, Indian Springs Marketplace lots its three anchors - Dillard's (Macy's in 1971), J. C. Penny, and Montgomery Ward in recent years, along with many of its smaller retailers.  It has since turned to non-traditional tenants.  The mall opened a Spanish-language marketplace (Plaza Azteca) in 2003.

Major construction work is taking place at the junction of State Avenue and I-635.  This will make the area very accessible to tenants and visitors.  There is also major reconstruction taking place with the parking area in the next six months.

The future outlook for the mall:  a mixed-use center, telemarketing companies, government offices, etc. 

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