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March 18, 1986

There is no “number assigned” policy in regard to admission and tuition for non-resident students at Sumner. The procedure was approved by the Board but never written up as “Board policy” for inclusion in the policy books. It is the policy (practice) which is followed.

1. The original plan submitted to the Court (April, 1977) and approved included the following statement:

2. Enrollment Qualifications: To enroll as a student in the Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, the student must be a legal resident of United School District #500, except qualified non-resident students may be admitted upon payment of tuition as required by the policies of the Board of Education.

On February 7, 1978, the Board adopted the following resolution regarding tuition charges. At the first Board meeting in August, the tuition charge has been updated for the current year.

“Be it hereby resolved: That the tuition charge established for nonresident pupils attended the Sumner Academy of Arts and Science operated by the Board of Education of United School District No. 500 shall be the operating costs per pupil for the prior school year plus five (5%) per cent.

The dollar amount for the school year 1978- 1979 shall be $1,236.47.”

The amounts for each year have been:
1978-79 1236.47
1979-80 1510.00
1980-81 1630.00
1981-82 1850.00
1982-83 1990.00
1983-84 2110.00
1984-85 2350.00
1985-86 2580.00
1989-90 1624.79
1990-91 1791.38
1991-92 2026.57
1992-93 1296.12 (change in finance law)
193-94 1407.42
1994-95 1004.65
1995-96 1050.00

Basically, this permits students who enrolled as residents of the district to continue in attendance if they moved from the district. To my knowledge, we have never enrolled any nonresident student at the entry level.

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