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The Story of Kansas City, Kansas

"Hopewell Indians"

No one knows exactly how long ago it was that Indians came into Kansas, for the first people left no records to tell us.  We do know, though that Indians lived at least a thousand years ago on the spot where our city now stands.  Their name has been lost through the centuries, but people who study about Indians call them the Hopewells.

The Hopewells were not the ancestors of any of the Indians who later lived around here.  They had disappeared before the tribes that are known to us came.  Mr. Harry Trowbridge, a resident of Kansas City, has uncovered traces of the Hopewells in our own neighborhood.  He has dug from the ground, where they have been buried for hundreds of years, little clay figures of birds and of people.  He has found pipes made of clay.  To scientists who are interested in such relics of the past, the pattern on a piece of broken jar or the carving on a deer bone tells a story about the people who made and used these articles.

Archaeologists have told Mr. Trowbridge that the Hopewell Indians were related to Mound Builders, though not so advanced in civilization.  If you have visited in Ohio, you may have seen the mounds in which these people buried their dead.  The Mound Builders were skilled at farming and have left evidences of their art and religious ceremonies.  They had lived in the eastern part of our country from about 500 B. C. to 500 A. D. before moving westward.  No traces have been found of these Indians west of Kansas.

The Pawnees

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