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The Story of Kansas City, Kansas

"Many Flags"

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were told that another country had bought the United States, and that a strange flag would fly from the pole in the school yard?  That would be alarming news for all of us today.  To the Indians of two hundred years ago it would have made little difference.  One country was the same as another to them.  They made their own laws, and almost never saw an agent of any government.

If they had known or thought about it, how surprised they might have been to learn that for years they had lived in French territory.  This part of our country was known as Louisiana, named in honor of the French king, Louis.  France ceded Louisiana to Spain, but Spain soon ceded it back.  The Indians were unaware of all this trading and hunted and fished as always.

In 1803, the United States was a small nation owning only a part of the land it covers today.  We needed a port on the Gulf of Mexico and asked France to see us the city of New Orleans.  Napoleon, the ruler of Frances, needed money.  He sold New Orleans and all of the land extending from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, and from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains, with the exception of Texas.  Of course, this part of the country was then a wilderness.  No one could have foreseen how rich and important it would some day become.  The Indians were now subjects of the United States.  [Annotation:  This was the "Louisiana Purchase", and led to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.]

Lewis and Clark

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