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The Story of Kansas City, Kansas

"Table of Contents"

Web vs. the Library

Nellie McGuinn in 1915Nellie McGuinn was a public school educator in Kansas City, Kansas, who (in January of 1961) presented this history to USD 500 in answer to a request from Superintendent of School, Frank L. Schlagle. Her manuscript takes a look at the settlement and growth of Kansas City and Wyandotte County, Kansas.  We are grateful to Ms. McGuinn for her contribution to the future . . . "our written history". (Note: This specific publication would be useful to grades 5-8.)

The picture at the left was taken in Harveysburg, OH in 1915.  Nellie McGuinn is on the right, with her aunt, Hannah Gray McGuinn.  Nellie McGuinn was born in Kansas in 1894 to Edward and Katherine O'Toole McGuinn.  She was a long-time teacher in the KCKs school system.  Picture courtesy of Lisa Axt, Centerville, Ohio.


Recommended Reading for Kansas history:
Kansas, A Land of Contrasts, Robert W. Richmond, 4th Edition, ISBN 0-88295-949-2
(A copy of this book is located at the KCKs Public Library at 625 Minnesota and is recommended for high school through adults.)


Your City Today

Early Visitors

The Hopewell Indians

The Pawnees

The Kansas Indians

The Delaware

The Shawnees

Explorers, Trappers, and Traders

The Spanish and French

River Settlements

Many Flags

Lewis and Clark

The Chouteau Brothers

Moses Grinter

The Wyandots

The Conversion/Adopted Members

Prominent Wyandots
Armstrong / William Walker / The Zanes / Matthew Mudeater

The Removal

The Arrival


A Home at Last

The First House

The Wyandot Ferry

The First Church

First Days in Wyandot

Early Weddings

The First School

A Church Divided

The Council Fire

Troubled Days

The Slavery Question

Early Records

Village Fun

Food for the Wyandots

Westport and Westport Landing

Trails to the West

New Laws

Ready for Citizenship

A Provisional Government

Kansas Becomes a Territory 
Territory, Citizenship, The Catfish Hotel, Treaty of 1855
Bleeding Kansas, Jayhawks and Jayhawking, Underground Railroad

The New Town
New Town, Town Builds and Grows, New Houses, the Blue Goose Saloon, City of Wyandotte, A Matter of Spelling

The Lost City (Quindaro)

The Constitutional Convention
Kansas as a State, John J Ingalls, Mrs. Clarinda Nichols

The Civil War
The Battle of Westport, The First Colored Regiment, Days of Terror, The Red Legs

Other Wyandotte Cities, Places and People
Wyandotte Floats / Roads and Bridges / The Coming of the Railroad
Western University University / The John Brown Statue
School for the Blind / The Exodusters / Juniper  (News article on Juniper)

Other Wyandotte Cities, Places and People
Old Kansas City / Armourdale / Riverview and Armstrong / One City / From Kansas to Manila / Argentine, the Silver City / August H. Meyer / Sauer's Castle / Rosedale, City of Roses / Dr. Simeon Bell

Huron Place and Huron Cemetery
Huron Cemetery / Attempts to Sell / The Conleys / The Cemetery in Later Years / Huron Place

Other Wyandotte Cities, Places and People
St. Margaret's, the First Hospital / Carrie Nation / Flood of 1903 / Kansas City University / The Rainbow Division and the Rosedale Arch / Soldiers and Sailors Memorial / The Ghost at Big Eleven / Flood of 1951 / Agricultural Hall of Fame / Churches / The People of Our City / Strawberry Hill / The Water and Light Plants / Commission Government / The Million-Dollar Courthouse

Other Wyandotte Cities, Places and People
The Post Office / Meat Packing / Kansas "Castles" and Flour Mills / Urban Renewal / Our City, Then and Now

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