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KCKS Public School System, 1819-1961
by Nellie McGuinn
Copyright USD 500, Feb 1966

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Elizabeth (Lizzie) Collins of Central School died in the spring of 1913.  The board passed a resolution in which it paid tribute to her many years of fine teaching.  A floral offering was sent, and the school ordered closed on March 5 for the funeral.  Flags at all schools and the library were flown at half mast.

On February 15 each school child was allowed to contribute one cent to a fund for erecting a tablet in the library in memory of Mrs. Sarah A. Richart.  Mrs. E. A. Holmes was appointed to conduct the library story hour.  The West office of the Bell Telephone Company asked for library books for its restrooms, and in November one hundred books were sent, with the condition that they not go outside the building.  Armour's checked out 174 books for their rooms.  [Annotation:  Is it possible that "restrooms" in 1913 were more like a resting area or lounge area for employees, rather than what think of "restrooms" as being in 2004?]  Armour's checked out 174 books for their rooms. 

A new Stanley site was purchased on January 28, 1913, from Henry and Henrietta Boeke.  In March the Board of Education passed a resolution concerning reports about Eugene Field:

"False and malicious reports have been circulated in the Eugene Field district that it is to be vacated as a white school and given to the colored.  Such reports are damaging in many ways, especially to property values.  No change has ever been or is now contemplated.  The board is making plans now for a six-room addition."

The board decided in June to relocate Parker School and leave it at the old location.  A store room at 25th and Wood and a room at Redman's Hall were rented to care for Chelsea pupils.  A board committee recommended that if a kindergarten for colored children was established, the best location was in the lecture room of the Methodist Church at 8th and State.  As funds were low, the proposition was laid aside.

The clerk was instructed to look up the matter of Quindaro School using oil lamps for an entertainment and to inform the president of the Mothers' Club there.  The board discussed moving the Phillips building.  A school for Greystone colored children was erected at Clinton, Greystone, and State Line.  Melville School asked to spend one hundred dollars out of its school fund to provide sanitary drinking fountains and to equip the playground for athletic sports.  The Kansas City board was asked to provide such facilities and keep them in order.

The high school wanted a department of arts and crafts established for 1913-1914, but no action was taken.  The board approved the action of the city commissioners, who had made new regulations for pool halls and their location near schools.  As early as 1913 board members assured Rosedale that in case of annexation contracts would be ratified and manual training and other courses added.

Miss Lucy McCoy, principal of Horace Mann School, was instructed to teach two classes in normal training beginning in September, 1913.  The board recommended to the State Textbook Commission a primer,  "East Steps in Reading," by Maude A. Sprout and Laura Fitch, and promised to submit the manuscript.  Miss Fitch had taught in Kansas City for sixteen years and was known for her fine work.  Members of the board expressed their willingness to meet with the Teachers' Pension Committee.

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