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KCKS Public School System, 1819-1961
by Nellie McGuinn
Copyright USD 500, Feb 1966

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Tragedy occurred on a December evening in 1926, when Miss Ethel Litchfield, principal of Whittier, stepped behind a car on a slippery street as she was leaving the Shubert Theater on 10th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The automobile rolled back, injuring her so severely that she died. Condolences were sent by the board to her family. Miss Mattie Glasgow, a teacher at the school, took her place.

Music Week was celebrated with a series of concerts by the school children of the city. Crowds attended and enjoyed the programs during the week. Miss Miller and all who helped to make the week a success were warmly praised by board members. The board also sent a letter of thanks to the Fireman's Relief Association, commending the group's position concerning the drive for funds for the new hotel site.

The board commended Mr. Pearson, Mr. Schlagle, and Mr. Wellemeyer for their wise handling of the fraternity and sorority problem. A letter of appreciation was sent to the boys who expressed a cooperative spirit to the principal concerning their organizations. Rules were formulated:

Forms were issued to junior high, high, and junior college students for signing.

Rules for teachers and principals included the forbidding by the principal of solicitations unless Mr. Pearson recommended and the board approved. No candy or food sales were to be held, and only three luncheons a year could be served. The faculty was forbidden to accept presents. People who wished to make gifts to schools had to sign agreements with the board as to ownership.

Colored people moved into the Eugene Field district. In 1926 only two teachers remained in the school. It was decided in February, 1926, that beginning in September the school would be used for colored children. The name was changed to Kealing, in honor of Hightower Kealing, a former president of Western University, and Leah Crump named as principal. A new school, Carlisle, came into the system when territory, probably from District 19, was annexed. Miss Kathryn Coyne was hired to teach there provided annexation was declared valid.

Booker T. Washington, built on leased ground, was closed in August, 1926, and the building offered for sale. Greystone School, united with Melville, no longer needed the white school. It took the name of Booker T. Washington and accommodated the colored pupils. As the Armstrong building no longer was needed for white children, Garrison, also in Armstrong district, was closed. The named was transferred to the old Armstrong building when colored people moved in.

The board sent the superintendent to a meeting of school men who were urging the legislature to provide funds for junior colleges. Twenty-five dollars was allotted by the Kansas City board for promoting publicity to educate the public relative to state aid. Street car service on 18th Street from Minnesota to Quindaro was requested by the board to accommodate students at the new Northwest junior High School.

In October, J. O. Emerson resigned as attorney for the board. He was commended highly for his fine work in law enforcement. A letter from the county Grand Jury was read at the November board meeting, but the contents were not released. The board promised to disclose its contents to the press after the jury made its final report.

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