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KCKS Public School System, 1819-1961
by Nellie McGuinn
Copyright USD 500, Feb 1966

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Polio continued its crippling work and various methods were used to raise money for treatment of victims.  On the evening of February 10, mothers of the city assembled at the schools and then called at homes in their districts to solicit funds.  This was the first Mothers' March on Polio held in the city.  In the years following, the date was set for January 29, Kansas Day.

John Fiske on half day sessions to house Armourdale children until flood damage at Morse could be repaired, stored cartons in which supplies had been delivered in the basement of the school.  A fire broke out early on the morning of January 25 but did not do great damage to the school before being extinguished. 

Grounds to the north of the Argentine High School were cleared and prepared for landscaping.  John J. Ingalls, also heavily damaged by the 1951 flood, was rehabilitated.  Joseph Radotinsky drew the plans.  Only John Fiske had been in service for 1951-52 housing children from Armourdale and from Trailer City, a development for flood refugees on the Old Homestead Golf Course south of Argentine.  Two other schools, Emerson at 2580 Metropolitan, and Lincoln at 2401 Strong, were rehabilitated.

Instead of an estimated enrollment of 256 at John Fiske, 499 pupils were present in September.  Trail City children transferred to John J. Ingalls.  Other districts were crowded.  On September 8, the board purchased three acres of land on which to build an addition to Eugene Ware at 4768 Oakland.  Parker accommodated Queen's Garden [45th to 47th & Parallel] children.  The square mile lying between Washington and Haskell and 33rd and 48th Streets needed a school to relieve Parker.  Odell Addition, north of the Johnson-Wyandotte County line and east of 10th Street sent pupils by bus to Maccochaque.  The year 1938-1940 had marked the last school construction by the board.  The accumulated special building fund was used to erect new buildings.

Extra Kindergarten teachers were hired in September to care for increased enrollment in ten schools.  L. E. Falgren and Francis Gregory compiled information on vocational education here as part of a statewide survey.  Mrs. Clara Lamb, principal at Stanley and newly elected president of the Kansas State Teachers Association, was honored at a reception by the Teachers Council on April 23 at Wyandotte High School.  Before the end of the year, Mr. Gregory, counselor at Wyandotte, died of a heart attack.

The Kansas attorney general said on October 2 that pupils could not legally be released to attend the weekday church schools.  The classes continued, however, as no test case was brought before the courts to determine the legality of dismissals.  Until such a suit was tried, the attorney general's ruling stood as an opinion, not a law.

At the fall convocation, 121 new teachers were introduced.  The superintendent spoke of the National Conference on the Mobilization of Education, saying that the country faced a war of ideas, second only to soldiers.

As to criticism of the work schools were doing, Mr. Schlagle reminded listeners that 40 years previously, only 63% of the pupils completed their schooling, compared to 88% in 1932.  Many subjects had been added to the curriculum, including the teaching of citizenship.  The schools, he said, were doing as good a job as formerly, and under greater handicaps.

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