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KCKS Public School System, 1819-1961
by Nellie McGuinn
Copyright USD 500, Feb 1966

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The first United States satellite, Explorer I, went zooming through the outer reaches of the earth on January 31, 1958.  On March 27, Nikita Khrushchev became premier of Soviet Russia.  Farewells were spoken to an old school and greetings extended to new ones.  At Maccochaque, the last Founder's Day program was held on February 2.  Mrs. A. C. Shipley narrated the school's story to an audience who watched old and familiar pictures as they appeared on a screen.  The old Malvern Hill School of 1876 was rich in history and former student students and patrons were sorry to have it end.

Two hard maples planted in 1932 in the school garden honored the 46 years of Mr. Pearson's service.  People commented on the names of an early teacher and the principal of 1958, a Mr. Meek and Miss Hazel Meeks.  When the school closed on June 4 to become part of the expanding Medical Center, the children and teachers gathered to sing a farewell song, written by Miss Meeks and a teacher, Miss Lula Greene.

Near the end of the school year, an "Appreciation Day" for Joseph Collins, teacher and principal at Northeast Junior High School since its opening in 1923, was held.  Students and faculty members participated in the program.

Charles Mullin, Jr., architect, submitted to the board in October his plans for a new Fairfax building at 3100 North 10th Street.  In December the Bennett Construction Company, lowest of the ten bidders, was awarded the contract for a 14-room building.  This was the last project authorized under the 1953 bond issue.  Plans for a Lowell annex were approved.

At 43rd and Georgia, the combination elementary and junior high school was crowded.   Radotinsky, Meyn and Deardorff planned a ten-room building on the junior high site.  Bob Eldridge Construction Company was awarded the contract for the building to be known as William Allen White.  Part of it would be built on piers covering a paved area to adopt to an abrupt change in grade.  Classrooms could be added later.  Four hundred days were given the contractor to building.  After the expiration of that time, the board would charge $100 for each day.

Snow and Fairfax were projects not completed under the 1953 bond issue.  For the 1958 bond issue the school board planned a new library, Douglass, Emerson and William Allen White Schools.  Additions for Lowell, Northeast, Northwest and West Junior High Schools, and Rosedale also were planned.  This expansion would be the greatest in the school's history.

The old post office, a landmark on Seventh and Minnesota was abandoned and the Federal Building on Seventh and Armstrong occupied.  Children enjoyed a jingle contest conducted by the Wyandotte County Dental Society Auxiliary for Children's Dental Health Week.

The gap between the generations was widening, the superintendent reminded, owing to progress in science, mechanical development, medicines, etc.  Teachers could not expect to educate for a world no longer static.  The great problem for a generation aware that it was subject to annihilation was learning to live in peace.

In asking teachers to "learn to teach beyond themselves," the superintendent asked them to complain less and to accept the problems of a space age.  When the Chamber of Commerce made a survey of the main reasons people had for living in Kansas City, Kansas, Mr. Schlagle said the quality of the schools was listed first.  Evidently citizens were satisfied with the policies, administration and personnel of their schools.

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