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KANSAN - Tuesday - 13 March 1923 - Vol. 27, No. 252


Board of Education Adopts Resolution Placing Terms Before County

After one and one-half hours' argument between the county commissioners and the board of education last night, the latter adopted a resolution offering the site and school building of the Central School, Seventh Street and Ann Avenue, to the county for $85,000, the board to keep possession until twelve months after the purchase price is paid, the purchase price to be paid on or before August 1, 1923.

The Central school occupies a part of the site virtually selected by the county for the new $1,000,000 courthouse.

$85,000 Too High, Contention

The commissioners believed $85,000 was too high, but the board of education, in the last analysis, said it was low enough.

The commissioners based their contention upon the asserted fact that if they pay $85,000 for the school site, it will leave them a balance of only $115,000 with which to buy the remainder of the site, and that that amount will having be sufficient.

The school board was just as insistent in its stand.  To replace the Central school, it was said, will cost approximately $140,000, and that does not include the purchase of a site.

Would Cost $90,000

To build additions to the Bancroft (1) and Horace Mann (2) schools sufficiently large to take care of pupils from Central, as was suggested as an alternative, will cost at least $90,000, it was brought out.

A representative of the Central school district present said mothers and fathers of children attending Central school did not wish to do anything to stand in the way of the civic center project, but that if possible they wished the school district maintained, that they believed it was not a good idea for their children to cross Minnesota Avenue which they would have to do if they attended Horace Mann.

Replacement Cost Higher

The whole matter, from the standpoint of the board of education, it was said, was one of replacement.  While the building itself might not be worth more than $60,000, the cost of replacement would be a far greater sum.

  1. Bancroft was located in the 500 block of Splitlog Avenue.
  2. Horace Mann was located at 864 State Avenue.

It was also brought out by the board that funds with which to provide a school for the Central school children could be obtained only from the sale of the school until such time as another tax levy is made, when provisions may be included in the budget.

Commissioners to Accept

The latter assertion resulted in the clause in the resolution relating to "possession by the school board until twelve months after the purchase price is paid."

Leaving the school building on the site will not interfere with construction of the new court house anyway, it was decided, as the courthouse site runs back 325 feet and the school only about 100 feet.

No action on the board's offer will be taken now, Samuel Clarke, commissioner, said today.  The resolution will be received and filed for record.

A resolution asking for the three judges of the district court to appoint appraisers for the remainder of the site will be adopted Thursday, Clarke added.

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Thank you to Don Jones (local historian on Street Names in Wyandotte County) for this contribution.

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