Stony Point South Classroom
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Stony Point South Classroom

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Board Agendas and Minutes for 2016-Present


Board of Education Members

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Brenda JonesBrenda Jones

term ends January 2020

haroldbrownHarold Eugene Brown

term ends January 2020

maxinedrewMaxine Drew

term ends January 2022

Janey HumphriesJaney Humphries
term ends January     2018 

wandabrowleepaige  Wanda Kay Paige

  term ends January     

valdeniawinnDr. Valdenia Winn

term ends January 2020

drstacyyeagerDr. Stacy Yeager

term ends January 2022

If you have questions or comments regarding Board members or policy, you may email Susan Westfahl, Clerk of the Board.

How to Address the Board

Those wishing to speak about a policy-related issue at a Board of Education meeting must make their request to the Board Clerk no later than noon the day prior to the Board meeting.

During the Community Comment section near the beginning of the meeting, each speaker will have three minutes to address the Board about policy-related matters. Derogatory or critical remarks about specific district personnel or students are inappropriate and will not be permitted.

If a speaker wishes to discuss a topic which is on the meeting agenda, the speaker's comments will be deferred until that item is considered.

Board of Education


The KCKPS Board of Education (from L-R): Board President Brenda Jones, Wanda Paige, Harold Brown, Maxine Drew, Dr. Stacy Yeager, Janey Humphries, and Board Vice President Dr. Valdenia Winn.

As of February 13, the board meetings will now be available on

View the February 13 board meeting:

Board of Education Highlights - February 13, 2018

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education during a break in its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13, had an opportunity to tour Stony Point South Elementary School in order to see first-hand the district priorities at work. Those priorities focused on providing clear goals, establishing and maintaining effective relationships and communicating high expectations – all are key elements of the District Continuous Improvement Plan  and ensure KCKPS students are on time and on track for success. Ensuring our students meet these goals also ensures students are on the pathway to graduating Diploma+.  Stony Point South Principal Ms. Susan Hendricks, in speaking to the board about the school, spoke about Stony Point’s diverse student population of approximately 334 that is made up of a student body about half male and half female. The school enjoys engaged parents, grandparents and a highly active PTA membership she said. Below are photos depicting the learning taking place in two of the classrooms at the school. Something interesting is that Stony Point South has very few walls in the class setting and is known for its open classroom concept which incorporates a community feeling into the learning environment. With this concept, which dates back to the 1960s in the United States, bookshelves and other furniture are used primarily to divide classroom spaces.


Here are highlights of the 2017-18 meeting:

Director of ESOL/Migrant Programs Kristen Scott provided an update regarding the tremendous growth of the program during the last 10 years.

  • The school district is now made up of 44% or 9,896 students considered English as a Second Language (ESL), 10% of these individuals are newcomers to the district.

To understand how much our district has gained in diversity over the years, check out the following comparison of the years 2007/2008 to 2017/2018.




Percent ESL

24% (4,985 students)

44% (9,896 students)

Percent Migrant

(Any student not older than 21 who is (or whose parent/child/spouse) is a migratory agricultural worker/fisher, and has moved within the proceeding 36 months in order to obtain qualifying work.)

.2% (38 students)

2.2% (492 students)


Indian/Alaskan - .5%

Asian – 3.2%

Hispanic – 36.1%

Black – 42%

White – 18%

Hawaiian/Pacific - .1%

Indian/Alaskan - .2%

Asian – 6.9%

Hispanic -50.2%

Black – 27% (2%speak a language other than English)

White – 10.3%

Hawaiian/Pacific - .4%

Multi-Racial – 3.5%

Number of Languages

(The most spoken languages within the district are named.)

8 languages

English, Spanish, Hmong

77 languages

English    Chin          Swahili

Spanish   Burmese  Karen

Hmong    Nepali       Somali

In September, the school district received a five-year, $2.5 million Step-Up Grant, with four components:

  • early literacy language development; Imagine Learning for Earl Watson
  • professional learning for English as a Second Language (ESL) instructional aides; once a semester by Kansas State University (K-State) staff
  • coursework towards ESL endorsement; 3 cohorts of 20 teachers earning their ESL endorsement through K-State for free
  • Saturday Family Language Academy: seven Saturdays starting in March; classes for the entire family; transportation provided; meal/snack available; community resources

In March, after Spring Break, the school district will launch the Welcome Center for all new families to Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. The concept is a one stop shop featuring:

  • enrollment capabilities
  • Diploma+ program information
  • links to community resources
  • screenings and identification for ESL services, and possible placement in an Intensive Learning Center (ILC) from the moment they enroll into our system, as well as many other features.

    The Welcome Center will not replace online re-enrollment, Kindergarten Round-up or preschool enrollment procedures. All students admitted to Sumner Academy must enroll at Sumner Academy.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Update:

  • Eagle Days had the highest attendance ever with 1,369 people who came to see the wild life exhibits, watch Eagles on the lake and participate in arts and crafts. The annual event was held at the Mr. & Mrs. FL Schlagle Library on January 20 and 21.
  • New Little Free Libraries, made out of metal, are being installed at all five locations throughout the community. The metal structure, built by the district’s shop staff, will provide more durability to withstand the weather.
  • Digital exhibit of the art of Aaron Douglas and other important Harlem Renaissance artists will be on display in the Main Library care area through February. Aaron Douglas (May 26, 1899 – February 3, 1979) was an African-American painter, illustrator and visual arts educator. He was born in Topeka, KS, and lived there until graduating from high school.  He moved to Harlem in 1925 and began developing his art and style. He was a major figure in the Harlem Renaissance and his works influenced others for years after.  

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, Feb.  27 at 5 p.m. in the Central Office and Training Center.


About the Board of Education

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is governed by a seven-member body of citizens elected by the voters of the school district. These seven members are charged with making sure that the school district operates in the best interests of the students and the community. All members serve without pay.

The board of education is the school district's governing body, as set forth in state and federal law. The board is responsible for setting district policy, adopting an annual budget, and approving of general district matters, including personnel, curriculum, facilities, and other district business matters. The board is responsible for hiring the superintendent of schools, and is responsible for overseeing the superintendent's duties and performance.

Board of education meetings are normally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the third floor Board Room at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Central Office and Training Center, 2010 N. 59th Street. This year, several Board meetings are scheduled out in schools. The entire board meeting schedule can be found in the right submenu — "Meeting Calendar". Except as otherwise provided by law, all meetings for the conduct of the affairs of and the transaction of business by the Board of Education of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools shall be open to the public.