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Northwest Middle School

Dress Code

There will not be an official uniform requirement. Students can wear their own clothes. Students can also wear the traditional uniform if they choose.

Students will be expected to dress appropriate for school each day. The expectations are listed below:

Footwear Expectations

As a safety precaution students will not be permitted to wear flip flops, open toe sandals, house shoes/slippers, heelys or swim shoes. Students are also not allowed to wear high heels that exceed 1 inch.

Attire Expectations

Northwest Middle School students are expected to present modesty in their attire. Pants, jeans, and skirts should fit and NOT sag. Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than the arm length ending at their finger tip (mid thigh or right above knee.) Clothing accessories should not present a dis- traction in length, appearance and noise level. Leggings must be in addition to correctly measured bottoms. They cannot be worn alone as a bot- tom. Bottoms and tops with holes, cuts and openings will not be permitted. Halter tops, tube tops, or sleeveless/cutoff shirts that may expose the up- per body will not be permitted.


Caps, hats, headbands, scarves, bandannas, hair rollers, combs, and doo rags should not be worn. We will have special hat and spirit days that be announced. Logos, images or graphics that represent or present crime, drugs, alcohol, or sexual exploitation, and gang affiliations are not permitted

These expectations represent a change from our traditional uniform policy. With new freedom comes new responsibility. It is our desire to uphold the high expectations that you already have for your stu- dent so that all students at Northwest look like young men and women of excellence each day!

New Stanley Elementary School

Uniform Clothing Guidelines

Uniform Shirts

All shirts are to be solid white, black, apple red, navy, light blue or black in color.

Shirts are to be collared or turtleneck in style, long or short sleeved.

No logos, emblems, or designs are to be on the shirts other than the school logo.

White T-shirts may be worn only as undershirts, with their overshirts covering the T-shirt. The T-shirts cannot have logos, emblems, or designs that show. The length of the shirt should be reasonable. Super-sized or above the waist is not acceptable.

Sweatshirts, Vests, Sweaters

All sweatshirts, vests and sweaters must be the same colors as the uniform: red, white, light blue, navy blue or black.

No hoods, logos, emblems, or designs are to be on sweatshirts, vests or sweaters.

Quilted down vests are not allowed.

Polar fleece sweatshirts, vests and sweaters will be allowed if they are the same colors as the uniform and have no logo.

These items are not to be worn around the waist or shoulders.

A collared uniform shirt must be worn underneath a sweatshirt, vest or sweater.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers

All pants worn will be either khaki, black or navy.

No logo, emblems, or designs are to be worn anywhere.

No sweat or sport pants will be allowed.

Shorts will also be either khaki, black or navy. Shorts must be worn as close to the knee as possible.

Skirts and jumpers will also be either khaki, black or navy. Skirts and jumpers must be worn as close to the knee as possible.

Blue jeans are not allowed.

Grace Periods

All new students to New Stanley will be permitted a two-week grace period.

At the beginning of the school year the two-week grace period is allowed for all students.

Students who come to New Stanley from another uniform school in our district will be allowed a grace period.

Students who leave New Stanley and then return to New Stanley at a later point in the school year will not be allowed a grace period.

Uniform Policy (Spanish)


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