KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for September

October 7, 2013


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September Students of the Month.

Melinna Salas, 3rd grade
Noble Prentis Elementary School
Nominated by: David E. Berry, Teacher
"When working with Melinna, it is immediately clear that she is exceptional. Each and every day, she quietly finishes every bit of work she is given; without complaint, and always with her best effort. Melinna is a kind, thoughtful, quiet achiever. It is remarkable that she can understand a task, skill strategy or objective after being shown once. One of her great strengths is she is a team player. Outside of school, Melinna is an avid soccer player. She is showing great promise as an athlete. Melinna Salas is definitely should be considered as a student of the month".
-- Sincerely, David E. Berry, Teacher

Liliana Rodriguez Calderon, 8th grade

Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Kathy Rosenberg , & David Bean, Teachers
"Liliana works well with other students. She is always willing to help students that are having problems in math. She always turns in her homework and she does well on her tests. Lily consistently keeps up with her grades in all of her classes. She is a joy to have in class and I highly recommend her".

-- Sincerely, Kathy Rosenberg and David Bean, Teachers

Joanna Perez, 12th grade
J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Steve Howard, Teacher
"Joanna Perez is a special young lady. I am continually surprised at the amount of time she gives of herself. As accomplished as her career has been, she always finds time for others. When needed, she will help tutor classmates and younger students, often using her bilingual skills. Joanna would be described as a 'people person' with high energy. She is a dedicated, hard working student willing to take on challenges. Joanna is a focused, caring young lady that has set high aspiration for her future".
-- Sincerely, Steve Howard, Teacher


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