KCK Board of Education Honors November Employees of the Month

November 20, 2013


Contact: Tammy Dodderidge, communications manager, (913) 279-2225

November 2013 Employees of the Month.

We would like to recognize bus driver Kaycee Williams as employee of the month. T.A. Edison has a kindergarten student that was afraid of busses. He is eligible for busing services, but his fear kept him from riding. When we contacted Transportation for help, Kaycee Williams was assigned to our case. Kaycee took on our student, Owen, as her own special student. We are so glad she was chosen for this task. She patiently helped Owen as he became familiar with the bus it's nuiances and noises. Several times she stopped in after her route to TA Edison to say hello to Owen, so he became familiar with her. Kaycee continued being patient coming by for visits, until Owen got on the bus! Next time he rode around the block! Owen began to ask his mom about the bus driver. The true test came in early October when the kindergarten students were scheduled to go on a field trip and that morning, Miss Kaycee was greeted by an enthusiastic Owen and a great big hug! Owen got on the bus and happily traveled to the pumpkin patch with all of his friends. Had you not heard the story, you would have never known all of the work that Kaycee did to prepare this little boy for his bus ride. We appreciate her and how her actions impacted Owen and how much she puts into being a bus driver for our district."
-- Sincerely, Cindy Cop, Principal at T.A. Edison & Owen, student

Mrs. Sarah Alexander, in a very short time, is beginning to reshape a culture among student in our school. We are so grateful for her dedication, and the fact she has embraced the Noble Prentis community as if she has been here her entire career. Sarah is everywhere in the building. And it is a good thing, because her model for adults and children is exemplary. Students are seeking her out, because Mrs. Alexander is helping them know that she is approachable, trustworthy, a fantastic listener, and truly cares for our children. As a principal, I have never seen an adult become familiar with students in such a brief amount of time. I wish I had her amazing ability to help students feel comfortable, inspire them to seek assistance, and teach them to begin to solve their own problems – with their head and their heart. Mrs. Alexander has answered a call desperately needed at Noble Prentis. Students and staff alike are taking a deep breathe, knowing she is available to council us toward a healthy mind and positive spirit."
-- Sincerely, Jim Poplau, Principal at Noble Prentis

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