KCKPS Volunteers for State Efficiency Audit to Learn New Ways to Reduce Costs


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The results of an efficiency audit conducted on the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) have been released by the Legislative Division of Post Audit, the audit arm of the Kansas Legislature. KCKPS volunteered to be a part of this audit process to learn of possible ways to function more efficiently, while reaching its goals.

"Our goal in participating in this process was to help us find ways to save costs, in light of the more than $63 million reduction in our budget that we have seen over the past several years," said Dr. Cynthia Lane, superintendent of schools. "We also want to ensure that we continue to be transparent in our expenditures."

While the audit findings include a number of suggested savings and efficiency suggestions, Lane said the results did not reveal any significantly new ideas. One of the challenges, she said, was helping the auditors to understand the unique circumstances that large school districts face across the state, and how that impacts the way districts manage their funds. These circumstances include the growing age of many of the district's buildings, the diversity of the student population and their needs, and the large number of students.

The audit contains recommendations about reducing some salary costs that echo the findings of a compensation study that the district conducted several years ago. The district has already begun to implement a number of the recommendations from that study.

Lane said now that the results have been published, district administration will begin sharing them with the Board of Education and staff, seeking their input on how to implement some of these or other cost savings initiatives in the district.

The complete audit report is posted online at http://www.kslpa.org/docs/reports/R-13-008.pdf.

The Kansas Legislature, in its fiscal year 2013 appropriations bill, included a provision requiring an audit of three school districts by the end of the fiscal year. The Audit Committee asked for districts to volunteer and KCKPS stepped up as one of six to undergo the audit process. The focus of the audits is to help school districts identify ways they can reduce costs without significantly affecting the education they provide to students.

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