KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - September 2015

September 23, 2015


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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on September 22, 2015.  Students are pictured (back row, from left) Damaris Rodriguez, from J.C. Harmon High School; Nayeli Lozano, from Argentine Middle School; Nariah Buycks, from Eugene Ware Elementary School; and (front) Atziri Perez-Mendoza, from the district’s Head Start location at the Kansas State school. 

RECOMMENDATION: That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Atziri Perez-Mendoza from KSSB Head Start Location, Nariah Buycks from Eugene Ware Elementary, Nayeli Lozano from Argentine Middle School and Damaris Rodriguez from J.C. Harmon High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.


Atziri Perez-Mendoza, Pre-K
KSSB Head Start Location
Nominated by: Ashlie St. Clair, Teacher and Michelle Bennett, Teacher

“Atziri is a very thoughtful and helpful student.  She is always willing to help in any way……….It is a pleasure having Atziri in my class.  She is able to translate what my Spanish speaking students are saying and is always willing to help.  She is a very caring friend and is there to help any of her classmates that might be in need.” 

Ashlie St. Clair, Teacher and Michelle Bennett, Teacher at KSSB Head Start Location

Nariah Buycks, 5th grade
Eugene Ware Elementary School
Nominated by: Julia Cordes, 5th grade teacher & Collette Chaney, Principal

“Nariah has a positive outlook and an enthusiasm for learning. She is a leader in all the right ways.  She is kind to other students, and goes above and beyond to assist them.  She not only inspires the students to learn, but also inspires me to be a better teacher and a better person.  She is a wonderfully successful student and a truly unique person. We are blessed to have her in our school.” 

Julia Cordes, 5th grade Teacher & Collette Chaney, Principal

Nayeli Lozano, 8th grade
Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Micah Louis, Teacher

“Nayeli is a young lady who is going to be doing big things one day.  She is involved in every aspect of student life.  She is a learner who not only keeps an A average, but takes initiative to learn above and beyond what is expected of her in class.  Nayeli is also our football manager, giving up her after school time as well as her Saturday mornings in order to help our team.  This shows incredible responsibility, given how hard she works in other areas of her life. She embodies our district values in everything that she does. She is most definitely deserving of student of the month honors.” 

Micah Louis, Teacher

Damaris Rodriguez
11th grade
J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Kim Angell, Teacher

“Damaris is an outstanding student, who is very dedicated to her education and her relationships with others.  She is eager to learn, well-behaved, helps others, and always puts forth her best effort. Damaris has maintained a 4.0 since she started Harmon and is enrolled in many college courses this year.  She is an awesome student and she is so deserving of this award.” 

Kim Angell, Teacher 

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