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Congratulations to the December Employees of the Month!
Congratulations to the December Students of the Month!

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for December

December 12, 2013


Contact: Tammy Dodderidge, communications manager, (913) 279-2225

December Students of the Month.

Damya Johnson is one of the most unique preschoolers that I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching at the KCK Early Childhood Center.  Not only does Damya excel in her academic skills, she is so well-behaved, you would think that she's a little lady!  It is very important to point out that Damya would not be who she is if it weren't for her parents.  After having the privilege of visiting the home, I was able to really see Damya's connection to her family.  I know she loves them more than anything.  She absolutely loves helping in any way that she can.  This young girl could be anything she wants to.  I know that she will make KCK schools proud every day for the next thirteen years.
-- Sincerely, Janelle Wheeler, Teacher

Dominic Gonzalez, 2nd grader at Noble Prentis Elementary is an amazing young man who strives to learn all that he can.  We, at Noble Prentis, have P.R.O.U.D. traits that we live by and encourage each other throughout the day.  They stand for perseverance, respect, ownership, understanding and dedication.  Dominic continually exhibits all five traits daily and encourages his classmates to do the same. Dominic has amazing perseverance when completing work that is difficult for him.  If he doesn't understand or has a question, he doesn't hesitate to ask for help.  He arrives daily with a smile on his face and ready to learn.  He has a desire to learn and strives to continually improve.  Dominic is an outstanding example of a KCK student.
-- Sincerely, Shannon Callahan, Teacher

Kevin Her, 7th grader at West Middle School is always willing to learn and shows great perseverance in all classes and tasks.  He will always complete work, even when difficult or he might struggle to understand a given assignment.  Additionally, Kevin always has a positive attitude and is a model student for the student body of West Middle School.  Finally, our candidate for student of the month has a contagious personality; the students and staff truly enjoy being around Kevin each and every day.
-- Sincerely, Hailee Schmidt, Teacher

Jesus Galvin is an 11th grade student that teachers love to have in class at J.C. Harmon High School.   He is a very dedicated student and has high aspirations for his future.  He is bilingual and is always helping his classmates with their assignments.  Jesus is a hard working, dedicated and focused on being successful.  I am very proud and feel privileged to write this recommendation.
-- Sincerely, Steve Howard, Teacher at J.C. Harmon

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Melissa Fears • Communications Office
2010 N. 59th Street • Kansas City, KS 66104 • 913-279-2242

Notice of Time and Place of Special Meeting - October 3, 2014


September 29, 2014

Contact: Susan Westfahl, Clerk of the Board, (913) 279-2235

A special meeting of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education is hereby called for Friday, October 3, 2014, at 11 :00 a.m. in the law offices of
McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips, 10 East Cambridge Circle Drive, Suite 300, Kansas City, Kansas.

In addition to regular business itemized in the published agenda, the purpose of such special meeting shall be to assemble in retreat fashion to establish
Board goals and vision for 2020, discuss the superintendent's goals and view a presentation on the new KCKPS police department.

Dated this 29th day of September 2014.

Susan E. Westfahl
Clerk of the Board

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Melissa Fears • Communications Office
2010 N. 59th Street • Kansas City, KS 66104 • 913-279-2242

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for April

May 5, 2014


Contact: Tammy Dodderidge, communications manager, (913) 279-2225

April Students of the Month.

Kevin Escarcega-Ramirez, PreK

Kansas City, Kansas Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Katie Brooks, Sped Teacher

"I would like to introduce you to Kevin Escarcega-Ramirez. When he first came to my classroom in January of 2012, I saw a little boy with a beautiful face, but with many burdens. Kevin had health issues, and I struggled with what I was to do with this particular student. Kevin began doing many things that were not expected. We celebrated these triumphant moments as much as possible and he was just as excited. Kevin now has to be reminded to allow other to have their turn. He is amazing! I am so happy this remarkable boy has overcome and I hope that one day every teacher meets their own Kevin."
-- Sincerely, Katie Brooks, teacher

Angel Aguirre, 4th grade

White Church Elementary School
Nominated by: Emily Dennis, 4th grade teacher

"Angel Aguirre is the kind of student every teacher dreams of having! He comes to school, each and every day with an amazing desire to learn as much as he can! Angel does whatever it takes to make sure he understands every skill and concept that is presented to him, and is also eager to help others with their understanding as well. He works hard, stays extremely focused in class, and routinely asks for extra homework. Angel is an excellent role model for others! He was elected, by his peers, to be one of our Student Council Representatives this year, and has taken his role very seriously. Angel is such a motivated young man, that you just know he will be successful no matter where his future takes him -- he is such a deserving young man—one of USD 500's brightest starts!"
-- Sincerely, Emily Dennis, 4th grade teacher

Hie Moo, 8th grade

Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Heather Hamtil, Strategic Reading Teacher

"Hie Moo is in my strategic reading class. It is with great pride that I nominate Hie as student of the month. He very much deserves this award. Coming from Thailand, learning a new language, excelling in athletics and continually strives to excel in academics. His strengths are in the classroom and on the football field as well. I am super excited for the possibility of how far Hie Moo will go with his future. Hie is focused, respectful and consistent in his application of new skills. His collaborative ability is excellent, as well."
-- Sincerely, Heather Hamtil, Strategic Reading Teacher

Julie Browne, 12th grade

Wyandotte High School
Nominated by: Mary Stewart, Wyandotte High School

"When I sit and think about the type of student we want to exit out of high school, I think of graduating students that are focused, confident, and prepared academically and personally to take on the next chapter of their journey in life. One senior that comes to my mind is, Wyandotte Senior, Julie Browne. She is a confident, yet humble young lady with passion, goals and vision. I am proud to be her principal and represent her as April student of the month. Julie has genuinely made a difference for students at Wyandotte High School. Julie is at any time eager to tutor students struggling in math. On days when Julie does not have college classes, Julie works to support math teachers and struggling math students. She inspires us and radiates excellence in all she does. Julie is someone who so genuinely deserves celebration!!!"
-- Sincerely, Mary Stewart, Principal of Wyandotte High School

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Melissa Fears • Communications Office
2010 N. 59th Street • Kansas City, KS 66104 • 913-279-2242

Notice of Change of Location/Time of Regular Meeting - February 9, 2016

January 28, 2016


Contact: Susan E. Westfahl, Clerk of the Board (913) 551-3200

In accord with the resolution approved by the Board of Education on July 21, 2015, the regular meeting of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education is scheduled for the second Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. and will be held in the KCK Early Childhood Center, 1708 N. 55th Street, Kansas City, Kansas.

Dated this 28th day of January 2016.

Susan E. Westfahl
Clerk of the Board

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Melissa Fears • Communications Office
2010 N. 59th Street • Kansas City, KS 66104 • 913-279-2242



Frances Willard Named a National PTA School of Excellence


September 16, 2014

Contact: Tammy Dodderidge, communications manager, (913) 279-2225

The National PTA has recognized Frances Willard Elementary School as a 2014–2016 National PTA School of Excellence. This designation demonstrates the school’s leadership nationwide and its commitment to partnering with families to support student success and continuous school improvement.

Frances Willard is one of only six schools in Kansas, and one of 170 from across the country, to receive this recognition. The Kansas State Board of Education recognized the schools on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at their regular meeting. To thank families, students and staff for their support and to celebrate this award, the school will hold a special celebration on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m.

The National PTA School of Excellence designation is awarded when families feel the school has achieved a high level of engagement or when the PTA and school have made substantive, positive improvement in families’ perceptions since the beginning of the year. Research shows that when families and schools work together, student achievement increases, schools improve and communities grow stronger.

Frances Willard has long involved students in their PTA program, which is called a PTSA. The school’s PTSA president, Rachel Henderson, believes the involvement of the entire school community – parents, staff and students – is what contributes to an effective and thriving organization.

“Membership in PTSA is not the key, it’s involvement,” she said.

The school conducted surveys to find out how parents, students, and the community felt about their school and PTSA. Through the surveys, Frances Willard learned the importance of letting parents know what’s going on in the district (current and future plans). As a result, they began to communicate through newsletters, informational meetings, and phone messages. The surveys also showed that families have a common thread such as a love for reading. So PTSA launched a Kindle initiative. PTSA bought a class set for the library. They also developed a five-year plan so that each grade would have a set in the next five years, and gave away Kindles to families all year long at numerous events.

Last school year, the PTSA listened to students when they requested playground equipment. They supported students in conducting a fundraising program and surveyed students to allow them to select the equipment they wanted (a set of six swings).

The most recent initiative launched by the PTSA was a WatchDog program that brings dads (and other male family members) into the school to spend a day in the classroom.

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Melissa Fears • Communications Office
2010 N. 59th Street • Kansas City, KS 66104 • 913-279-2242