Congratulations to the February 2018 Employees of the Month

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Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for February. Congratulations to Cindy Huston, teacher from Lindbergh Elementary, and David Gray, head custodian from John Fiske Elementary. Click below to read their nominations.

Cindy Huston

“Mrs. Huston is a true asset to our building. She works with students of all ages and abilities. Mrs. Huston is always willing to help where she is needed …. Mrs. Huston also works to build stomg home-school connections. She contacts families through various forms of communication and is willing to do what needs to be done so our families know about their child. Mrs. Huston makes our building a better place. We are lucky she’s a part of our staff.”
Sincerely, Sara Coe, Lindbergh Elementary School

David Gray

“Mr. Gray is not only the head custodian at John Fiske Elementary School, he is a role model, a leader, and and an advocate. David is always going above and beyond for the staff, students, and families in our community .. .. David Gray is not only an asset to John Fiske, he a crucial component of what makes our school and community such a fun, caring place to work and live. We appreciate him so much, and want to him to be recognized for all that he does.”
Sincerely, Megan Mejia and Teresa Todd, John Fiske Elementary School

Congratulations to the January 2018 Employees of the Month

Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for January. Congratulations to Harriet Williams, certified nursing assistant and paraprofessional from F.L. Schlagle High, and Amy Loveland, principal from Kansas State School for the Blind and North Central Office Early Childhood Center. Click below to read their nominations.

Harriet Williams

Harriet Williams

Harriet is truly a lifelong Schlagle Stallion.  She graduated from Schlagle in 1980 and came to work here as a certified nursing assistant and paraprofessional about 13 years ago. She has shined throughout the school since she walked through the doors. It is not unusual to hear her singing, see her smiling and spreading her joy throughout the building. The students respect her and look up to her. Even when she has to be stern with a student, she fills it with her love and that her smile returns and she lights up the area.

She rejoices in her work and then the students that she works with. She says that what attracts her to the job is the opportunity to take care of kid’s needs. She said at first the hardest part of getting settled into the position was trying to figure out what a paraprofessional is. Once she figured out the duties and responsibilities she grew to an be a huge part of our Schlagle community.

Outside of the school she is active in the Greater Pentecostal Temple serving as a liturgical dance minister. And she has share this talent with the Schlagle community at several assemblies in the past. She believes and lives the idea that we are all responsible for the success of our community. Harriet is another example of the excellent team members we have working with our KCK students.

Amy Loveland

Amy Loveland

On behalf of the Headstart staff at the Kansas School for the Blind (KSSB), we are honored to nominate Amy Loveland for KCKPS employee of the month. Amy is not only the principle of both the KSSB and North Central Office Early Childhood Center programs in the district, but she is also a mentor and a constant supporter of those around her.  Amy faces even the hardest days with laughter, she shows a genuine interest in the growth in lives of her teachers and staff. She knows the children and families of our program by heart.

No matter how many things we add to her never-ending to-do list, Amy make sure to address each one from the smallest concerns to the biggest challenges. She will always stopped have a conversation, even if she’s in the middle of something and you’ll never walk away feeling like your voice wasn’t heard. Amy is a team player, she holds her staff and our families accountable, and liked all good leaders she would never ask others to do anything she wouldn’t do it herself. On any given day, you might see Amy cleaning, working the car line, helping a student change clothes, moving furniture, reading stories, assisting in classrooms, answering phones, talking to parents or staying late would children who haven’t been picked up yet.

These are all things done on top of her regular duties. Amy puts in long hours, she works hard and above all she’s humble. She always gives credit to others when she is complemented or thanked. Even in moments of chaos or conflict, Amy always exhibits kindness, fairness, patience and compassion. She is an outstanding principal and an even more outstanding person. Amy is a counselor, a cheerleader, a confidant and a friend. We thank her for her positive leadership and for making this a great work environment.

Congratulations to the November 2017 Employees of the Month


Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for November. Congratulations to Lindy Binns, physical education teacher at Mark Twain Elementary and Connie Thao, ESOL data specialist at the Central Office and Training Center. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Lindy Binns

“Ms. Binns did a remarkable job on Tuesday, October 17 when a kindergarten student collapsed to the floor. The student was unconscious and not breathing. Thanks to Ms. Binns’ quick reactions to not only get to the scene promptly but also start CPR immediately, she was able to get the student to the point where he was making some gasping breaths. Ms. Binns kept the oxygen flowing in the little boy’s body until the paramedics arrived and took over. We applaud Ms. Binns for her quick reactions and are happy to share that the child is making progress. Thank you Ms. Binns for saving this boy’s life.”

Connie Thao

“Connie is one of the most dedicated people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. She works hard to ensure her department and co-workers have the information and resources they need. Connie always responds to queries and handles last-minute requests with aplomb. Every year she works tirelessly to ensure our student ESL count is correct for our annual September 20 count. She assists with translating district information for our Hmong speaking families and students. Connie is dedicated to providing the best service to our students and families, as well as her co-workers. I have known her to always be kind, warm and professional with everyone she meets.”

Congratulations to the December 2017 Employees of the Month


Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for December. Congratulations to Ivey Brown, bus driver from Transportation, and Hannah Ferguson, Kindergarten teacher from John F. Kennedy Elementary. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Ivey Brown

Every October, one of our bus drivers, Ivey Brown, does her best to raise awareness about breast cancer. She spends a lot of her time raising funds for breast cancer research. Ms. Brown uses her own money to get items together for prize giveaways. We have many breast cancer survivors within our fleet, who recognize and are appreciative of what she is doing. You can count on Ms. Ivy going around collecting money from others and speaking at our monthly drivers meeting to provide both men and women information about the importance of getting checked. We think she should be honored for all the years of selfless acts which she displays.”

Hannah Ferguson

“Hannah works hard to meet her students’ needs. She is always looking for ways to build strong relationships with her students. She is very involved in making scales and anchor charts to help her students see how their learning is improving. Hannah spends a lot of time making her classroom inviting and fun for the students. She is always positive with her students and they know how much she cares for them. She is always willing to go the extra mile for students and her teammates. I love her energy and excitement for teaching. Our school is very blessed to have her as one of our kindergarten teachers.”

Congratulations to the October 2017 Employees of the Month


Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for October. Congratulations to Joe Walker, cafeteria manager at Rosedale Middle and Julie Fletcher, teacher at Earl Watson, Jr. Early Childhood Center. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Joe Walker

“He really cares about the students and teachers at our school. He has developed some new items for lunch and since he started running our cafeteria, there have been no complaints about the food. We love the food and the way he runs the cafeteria. There is always laughter among his staff and the kids and teachers are treated well. He has created a very nice working and eating environment for all. I appreciate that he cares about all of us and makes amazing chili and chicken noodle soup.”

Julie Fletcher

“Julie is such a tremendous worker. She is always going the extra mile by making sure the kids have what they need at school and at home. She makes wreaths for our classroom doors, decorating the inside and outside of the school to make it welcoming and home like. She leads our box top collections and has led the United Way campaign for several years. Julie is focused on our school as a whole and not just her classroom. She is all about teamwork and success. I tell her often that we wish we had 100 Julies. She is such a special teacher and person.”