KCK Board of Education Honors November 2014 Employees of the Month



The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored the following people as Employees of the Month at their meeting on November 11, 2014: (individual photo, from left, Thomas Smotherman Jr., and Wanda Cain).

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Thomas Smotherman Jr., custodian at Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center, and Wanda Cain, Occupational Therapist paraprofessional at KCKECC, Morse, Welborn, Banneker, New Chelsea, & Caruthers, as the Employees of the Month for November 2014, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

“We are recommending Thomas Smotherman, the custodian at Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center, for Employee of the Month. Thomas does such a wonderful job of keeping our building clean and ready for learning each and every day. Throughout the day, he continually monitors each classroom to maintain cleanliness. He goes above and beyond for our school, our staff, and our students. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and valued co-worker!”

Julie Fletcher, Teacher, Amy Neal, Special Education Teacher & The entire staff of Earl Watson Jr. ECC

“Wanda Cain has worked for the district for over 30 years. Currently she is an Occupational Therapy paraprofessional. She travels to several schools throughout the work week. Wanda is a gem to work with. She shows enthusiasm and delight in everything that she does. She works closely with teachers to determine the best way to interact with the students. Wanda is a role model to many little girls. She is the epitome of a professional and a team player. Wanda deserves this recognition as a tribute to all of her hard work and dedication.”

Tracy Smarr-Dolezal, OT/PT/MT staff, & PreK teachers of KCKECC, Morse, Welborn, Banneker, New Chelsea & Caruthers

-- November 14, 2014 News Release