KCK Board of Education Honors October Employees of the Month



The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored several people as Employees of the Month at their meeting on October 14, 2014: (individual photo, Tim Stauffer, language arts teacher at Wyandotte High School, (group photo) the Nutritional Services staff at Washington High School (front row, from left) Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Charles, Anita Walker (back row, from left) Crystal Knight, Geraldine Gray and Brad Black.  Washington staff not pictured are:  Latisha Battles, Vernon Curnal, Sena Hook, James Johnson, Luz Mendoza, Isabel Reyes, Derrick Sanderson, Susan Stack and Latorya Wheeler. 

“Tim deserves recognition for the orchestration of the KCK District Poetry Slam series.  Over the summer, he organized other teachers at all the KCKPS high schools, scheduled and conducted meetings both in person and via Google, and laid the groundwork for five separate poetry slam competitions to be held during the 2014-15 school year and every year afterward.  The first such event was held at Washington High (students, teachers, administrators, and parents) to hear students read their original poetry.  Tim deserves special recognition for his sincere belief that slam poetry builds community, and for acting on that belief with passion and thoroughness…Tim has coordinated a ‘competition’ but more importantly, he has coordinated a collaboration, a community among all the area high schools, all the while building a sense of city pride and fellowship.”  

Ryan Acosta-Fox, English Teacher & Paul Richardson, English Teacher

“On September 23, 2014, there was a water main break or some type of water leak at Washington High School.  This occurred in the kitchen area and it affected the entire area.  Food Service personnel had to shut down all three serving lines.  Barbara Johnson, manager for the Washington kitchen, and her staff took the food they prepared and brought it out into the main seating area of the cafeteria.  They prepare the food for serving, buffet style on a table and they served more than 1,000 students a HOT meal.  They served them through one serving line.  This process ran the same on all three lunch periods.  It was orderly and they did a phenomenal job!! ”  

Officer Audra K. Moore, School Resource Officer at Washington High School

-- September 18, 2014 News Release