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Stony Point South Classroom

KCK Board of Education Honors February 2015 Employees of the Month


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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored the following people as Employees of the Month at their meeting on February 10, 2015: (first individual photo, Mr. Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher at St. Pt. North Elementary School, & second individual photo, Ms. Darlene Harris, Recovery Room Monitor at Argentine Middle School.)

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Darlene Harris, Recovery Room Monitor at Argentine Middle School, and Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher at St. Pt. North Elementary School, as the Employees of the Month for February 2015, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

 “Mrs. Darlene Harris exhibits unlimited patience with our students as a Recovery Room Monitor.  I appreciate the effort and extra time she has put into making our recovery room a safe place for our students to get a second chance and concentrate on their educational growth.  She continues to seek opportunities to expand her knowledge on student behavior management and become better prepared to deal with some of our most difficult students.  She exhibits unlimited patience with our students.  Mrs. Harris has an amazing ability to develop relationships with the students in her classroom.  I am happy to nominate her for employee of the month.” 

Ileana Farney, Assistant Principal, Argentine Middle School

“Mr. Ray Lipovac is a great example by not only representing his school as the P.E. Teacher, but also being an example for other KCK Public Schools district PE Teachers to follow.  Ray extended his responsibilities and skills beyond the PE realm by having some of his students create and maintain a ‘PE Portfolio’.  This portfolio doesn’t only cover physical education subjects but a “whole person” concept as well that children can carry on into adulthood.  Beyond the PE portfolios, Mr. Lipovac involved an NFL star from the San Diego Chargers, Darrell Stuckey, also a former Stony Point North student in a Play-60 grant.  I know the students and staff have become motivated to have a physical fitness regimen in their life.” 

Jay Overbaugh, School Counselor, St. Pt. North