KCK Board of Education Honors February 2016 Employees of the Month


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored two employees as Employees of the Month at their meeting on February 23, 2016.  Employees are pictured below; Cecelia Stauch, from T.A. Edison Elementary School, and Brandy Treaster, from New Stanley Elementary School. 

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That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Cecelia Stauch from T.A. Edison Elementary School and Brandy Treaster from New Stanley Elementary School as the Employees of the Month for February 2016, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

EXPLANATION: “Ms. Cecelia Stauch is a product of the KCK school system, graduating from F.L. Schlagle High School.  She has gone on to dedicate her employment career to the students in Kansas City, Kansas.  She has been an ED paraprofessional for 16 years.  She inspires excellence on a daily basis and she exemplifies the district’s values and expectations.  Ms. Stauch is involved in the Juniper Garden volunteer program for Paraprofessional Continuation of Learning. She brings out the best in everyone.  She is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet.  Ms. Stauch is responsible and “do the right thing” is a motto that she follows daily!  She holds herself and her colleagues to this high standard.   Being a para is such hard work.  But Cecelia makes the job look easy.  Every day she builds on her relationship with the students.  She is the student’s greatest advocate!!  She knows that when her students succeed…she has done her job!!”

Cindy Cop, Principal T.A. Edison Elementary

“Ms. Brandy Treaster stepped into her teaching role and amazed her students, their families, and the staff of New Stanley last year.  She pursues learning and actively sets personal goals and learning goals with her students.   She immersed herself in all of the New Stanley activities by participating in after school tutoring, meeting with parents before and after school, and following through with every commitment she makes.  Her peers describe her as, ‘dedicated to the learning of her students, she provided them all the tools they need to succeed.  In a short amount of time, Brandy Treaster has become a cornerstone of the New Stanley School, and an incredibly important member of her students’ lives.  She is in the right place, New Stanley, at the right time, now!”  

Ryan Most, Principal, New Stanley Elementary School