KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month on December 2016

Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for December. Congratulations to Wayne Correll, Assistant Director of Purchasing at the KCKPS Central Office, and Joanna Schindel, ESL Teacher at F. L. Schlagle High School. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

eom 12.16

Wayne Correll
Assistant Director of Purchasing, KCKPS Central Office

“Wayne is truly the type of person that makes you wonder how you survived before he joined the district. He is always calm, collected and ready to help. During the transition to the new financial software, he was always encouraging and resourceful. He calmed the fears of change and showed everyone how much better the new system is. When the SRP buckets and bags were launched, he was right there ready to help. Making sure all the supplies were delivered and the buckets and bags were completed. We have yet to find a problem he cannot solve.”

Joanna Schindel
ESL Teacher at F. L. Schlagle High School

“Mrs. Schindel has been in the school for just over a year as a teacher of English Language Learners at Schlagle High School. She has shown many great attributes including becoming involved in multiple committees, planning with other teachers in similar and different content areas to create project-based learning with meaningful and accessible projects, helping to coordinate special events to showcase project based learning. She brings out the best in her students and goes above and beyond in the classroom.”