KCK Board of Education Honors May Employees of the Month



May 2015 – KCK Public Schools Employees of the Month - From left, Nancy Haag, Head of ILS and Web Services at the Public Library, & Raquel Ayala, Compliance Specialist in the Business Services Office at the Central Office and Training Center.

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Raquel Ayala, Compliance Specialist, and Nancy Haag, Head of Web Services at the Public Library, as the Employees of the Month for May 2015, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

Raquel Ayala

“I wanted to nominate Raquel Ayala for Employee of the Month.  She assisted our nutritional services department when we needed help communicating with our Spanish speaking parents.  This was a big need and she helped fill that need.  She was so helpful. Our department wants to give 5 star customer service to our parents and she is helping us achieve that goal.  She moved from the H.R. department to the Business Services department in November, under the direction of Dr. Kelli Mather. I understand she took on many other responsibilities, which still includes using her translating skills. Dr. Mather stated she is doing a great job, always has a wonderful way with people and is always smiling.” 

JoAnn Kitchens, Secretary, Data Entry for Nutritional Services Department 

Nancy Haag

“Nancy Haag is the head of our ILS and Web Services at the library.  It is usually the quiet members that do the incredible things behind the scene.  She is dedicated to make our systems work better, faster, and more delightfully than they did yesterday. Her task is to make sure the software that helps our community, including our students and staff use library services, remains not just highly effective but incredibly user friendly.  Nancy has a freaky genius way of balancing our flawed, demanding Orc like personalities with her cool Jedi touch with technology. She continues her leadership in providing ways where we can all review our library account in a simple touch; therefore we can spend more time helping our patrons. We are happy to nominate Nancy Haag as Employee of the Month.” 

Carol Levers, Director Of Libraries, Mary McGinty, Librarian at Wyandotte High School, & Candee Hoffman, Lead of School Library Services

KCK Board of Education Honors May 2016 Employees of the Month


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored two employees of the month at their board meeting on May 10, 2016.  Employees are pictured; (from the left, Officer Darrell Thomas,  from Arrowhead Middle School,  and Josephine Reno,  from Central Middle School as the Employees of the Month for May 2016.)

 eom 05 2016 web


That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Officer Darrell Thomas from Arrowhead Middle School and Josephine Reno from Central Middle School as the Employees of the Month for May 2016, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.


“Officer Darrell Thomas is reliable, responsible and relational.  He goes above and beyond to help meet the safety and security needs of everyone in our building.  He is very adept at working with every member of our school community.  He is the go-to adult for at least a dozen struggling students in our building.  A few kids come to school specifically just to see him and talk to him.  Some want to become police officers in order to be like him.  He has a great personality. He collaborates with administrators, support staff, and instructional stuff in a number of ways throughout the day.  Everyone knows he will help with anything they need.  He knows how to talk to young people.  He can de-escalate angry kids and adults, and he regularly puts a smile on parents’ and students’ faces, no matter what they may be dealing with.  Officer Thomas is a key component of our Arrowhead school culture.  He even wrote, recorded, and performs an Arrowhead rap song that our student body absolutely loves.  There is no one like Officer Thomas.  We all feel very blessed to have him in our building!  For these reasons and more, we would like to nominate Officer Thomas. ”  

Laurie Boyd, Principal of Arrowhead, and Nancy Hale, Assistant Principal of Arrowhead Middle School

 “It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Josephine Reno.  Mrs. Reno currently teaches 6th grade science at Central Middle School.  I have observed and visited her classroom, as well as watch her grow professionally.  She is truly an amazing and talented educator who will always put her students first.  Mrs. Reno builds strong relationships with teachers and students she is assigned to work with.  She is an advocate for what is best for all students, but particularly those students with many issues.  She is consistently looking for new strategies, interventions and ideas to make her teaching experience exciting and motivating, as well as challenging.  One of Mrs. Reno’s many strengths is her positive attitude and her constant desire to be and do her best.  She is a leader at Central Middle School.  As a leader she is outgoing and exhibits a friendly and caring personality.  She goes out of her way to support and encourage her colleagues and students.  When she sets her mind to do something, you can guarantee that it will get done and done exceptionally well!   I am proud to work with her and am happy to recommend her for employee of the month”. 

Walt Thompson, Interim Principal, Central Middle School

KCK Board of Education Honors September Employees of the Month


September 2013 Employees of the Month.

Carl Scammahorn

"Professional, personable, dedicated and hard-working are just a few of the ways to describe Carl Scammahorn, carpenter at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. He models excellence through his job, his actions and his interactions with staff and the community. Carl is always willing to "go all in" to ensure that he completes a job to the best of his ability---not because he wants recognition for his quality. He does it because he wants the district to shine. Carl has been the primary person responsible for hanging the Reasons to Believe banners at the Central Office and Training Center, located at 2010 North 59th St. He takes great pride to ensure that they are displayed properly, and always checks in to see if there is a map of which banners should be hung where. Carl also oversees hanging banners on many of the schools around the district as well. Carl exemplifies excellence in every way through his work and his actions. I am proud that he works for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools".

-- Sincerely, Tammy Dodderidge, Communications Manager (in photo, man on left in black shirt)

Kevin Day

"Last school year was my first year teaching at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science and that is when I met Mr. Kevin Day, IB English Teacher. One of my neighbors referred to him as a 'great teacher' and as the year unfolded I understood what they meant. Students would tell me, 'Mr. Day is really tough Mr. Oland, but he is a really good teacher and is really preparing me for college'. Since it was my first year as an IB teacher, I appreciated that he was so patient to explain things to me. Additionally, he does so much more to help support IB. I have also noticed that every activity that requires staff members to volunteer for fund raising, staff-student ball games or student mentoring, he is right there, one of the first to volunteer. He is a high quality teacher that is very dedicated and I believe he need to be recognized for his excellence, dedication, and hard work".

-- Sincerely, David Oland, IB Teacher at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science (in photo, man on right side, white shirt with black tie)

-- September 16, 2013 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month - May 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Angela Fisher, Special Education teacher at Claude Huyck Elementary School and the plumbing team from the Shop Office which consists of; Tony Henderson, Auston LaBlance, Jon Woodall, Garrett Pursley & Robert Elijah as the Employees of the Month for May 2017, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.


“Angela Fisher is a Special Education teacher from Claude Huyck Elementary.  I would like to nominate her for Employee of the Month.  She is a Godsend to our school and often goes above and beyond her call of duty!!  I am the guardian to my grandson and she has helped him is so many ways.  When he struggles she takes the time to help him work out the problem and get right back on track.  I can see her efforts really shine through and it means a lot to me.  My grandson enjoys his class and coming to school and I know Ms. Fisher has made a huge difference in his life and mine!  I appreciate her being at Claude Huyck and helping the students and the staff.” 

a grandparent at Claude Huyck

“I wanted to recognize the superior efforts of Tony Henderson, the plumbing foreman and his staff, Auston LaBlance, Jon Woodall, Garrett Pursley & Robert Elijah. Earlier this year Tony Henderson had advanced from Journeyman to the Foreman position within the plumbing department.  The plumbing department has always been a high need, and high maintenance department due to the critical nature of the work and our goal to provide safe, warm and dry environments in all district buildings. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in the general attitude of the department in the desire to meet that goal. I have seen improvements in the turn-around time and efforts on the work orders, along with such nice organization in the plumbing department.  It makes the facility so much more efficient and functional.  This department can sometimes be underappreciated and taken for granted, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate them and the improvements could not have been possible without the skill and effort of all the plumbing staff.” 

Doug Clements,
Director of Physical Properties 

KCK Board of Education Honors April Employees of the Month



The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education recognized two outstanding employees this week as Employees of the Month for April. Congratulations to: Kim Applebury, English teacher at F.L. Schlagle High School; and Phyllis Olbert, principal’s secretary at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

Kim Applebury

“. . . Ms. Applebury was my son’s English teacher. I can truly say this extraordinary teacher has had a tremendous impact on his educational career. She set the bar high and she had every belief that her students would reach this standard and beyond . . . She pulls out the greatest in her students when they doubt their own ability. She inspires her students to meet the challenge and develop their gifts. She embraces her students and is intensely aware of their individual needs and builds a trusting relationship. This year my son will graduate from college with a bachelor of science in computer science. He often acknowledges the enormous impact Ms. Applebury has had on him to reach his goals. He testifies that the rigor of her classes enabled him to master the essential art of communication, both written and oral, and this prepared him to be successful in college and beyond.”

Phyllis Olbert

“Phyllis Olbert has worked in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools for 21 years. All 21 years have been at Sumner Academy. She has been the attendance secretary, the treasurer, the vice principal’s secretary, and the principal’s secretary. In all facets, she has exceeded expectations. In her day-to-day job, she is calm and on-task . . . She has the keen ability to predict what people will need and when they will need it. Ms. Olbert is deadline oriented and allots her time in such a way that would make the busiest Wall Street executive stop in his/her tracks. . . . Ms. Olbert takes pride in assisting with extra-curricular activities. She attends all events – from choir concerts and the school musicals to basketball and football games . . . Alumni often return and embrace her, sharing stories of the past and recent accomplishments. She genuinely enjoys high school students and develops relationships that last to and through college . . . Everyone who knows Ms. Olbert will tell you a story that involves her tangible friendliness, professionalism, and love of Sumner.”