KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month - February 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Officer Mario Bartee from the Head Start Locations, & Earl Watson Jr., Early Childhood Center, Officer Orlando Singleton from Central Office and Training Center and KCK Early Childhood Center, Officer Kenneth Blount from N.W. Middle, New Chelsea & Parker Elementary and Shannon Martin from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science  as the Employees of the Month for February 2017, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

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Officer Mario Bartee
Officer at Head Start Schools & Earl Watson Jr., ECC

Officer Kenneth Blount
Officer at N.W. Middle, New Chelsea & Parker Elementary

Officer Orlando Singleton
Officer at Central Office & Training Center & KCK ECC

I want to express my gratitude for the support given by three of our officers in early December at a bus accident.  Officer Mario Bartee, Officer Orlando Singleton and Officer Kenneth Blount, all three assisted in many ways making sure the students were calm and cared for.  They communicated information to the parents that arrived that everyone was okay.  When the replacement bus arrived, Officer Singleton & Officer Bartee helped with navigating the bus through traffic and everyone helped with directing the students to the replacement bus. I want to give a huge thank you to Officer Singleton for volunteering to transport the bus driver to the Health Clinic to be seen for his injuries.  Officer Blount stayed with me the entire time until the entire accident scene was cleared.  Please pass on my appreciation to your outstanding staff for the support given at this accident…and always.  They all have my vote!” 
Thank you,
Miguel Martin, Director of Transportation 

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Shannon Martin
Teacher at Sumner Academy of Arts & Science

“Teaching requires great dedication and determination.  Ms. Shannon Martin is in her first year of teaching and I have been thrilled to see her dedication to the success of each student in her classroom.  Not only has Ms. Martin brought great energy to our department and a willingness to work in a highly functioning collaborative team, but she has also taken on a major role in our building as the Sumner Cheerleading coach.  On multiple occasions I have observed and been told by other schools, about the level of professionalism and technique that our cheer teams have had this year.  Coach Martin has really done a tremendous job in building a program, while also trying to survive that first year of a teaching career.  She fully deserves credit for the work she has done with our cheer teams. Her students, cheer teams and parents are very supportive of Ms. Martin in the classroom.  We are very fortunate in our district because we have teachers that really care and work to make our kids college ready and productive members of society.  Ms. Martin is indicative of the type of teacher that we can be proud of having taught our students.  We should celebrate their successes every day! ”

Sincerely submitted,
Mr. Edward Gunter, IB History Teacher, Sumner Academy of Arts & Science

KCK Board of Education Honors November Employees of the Month


November 2013 Employees of the Month.

We would like to recognize bus driver Kaycee Williams as employee of the month. T.A. Edison has a kindergarten student that was afraid of busses. He is eligible for busing services, but his fear kept him from riding. When we contacted Transportation for help, Kaycee Williams was assigned to our case. Kaycee took on our student, Owen, as her own special student. We are so glad she was chosen for this task. She patiently helped Owen as he became familiar with the bus it's nuiances and noises. Several times she stopped in after her route to TA Edison to say hello to Owen, so he became familiar with her. Kaycee continued being patient coming by for visits, until Owen got on the bus! Next time he rode around the block! Owen began to ask his mom about the bus driver. The true test came in early October when the kindergarten students were scheduled to go on a field trip and that morning, Miss Kaycee was greeted by an enthusiastic Owen and a great big hug! Owen got on the bus and happily traveled to the pumpkin patch with all of his friends. Had you not heard the story, you would have never known all of the work that Kaycee did to prepare this little boy for his bus ride. We appreciate her and how her actions impacted Owen and how much she puts into being a bus driver for our district."
-- Sincerely, Cindy Cop, Principal at T.A. Edison & Owen, student

Mrs. Sarah Alexander, in a very short time, is beginning to reshape a culture among student in our school. We are so grateful for her dedication, and the fact she has embraced the Noble Prentis community as if she has been here her entire career. Sarah is everywhere in the building. And it is a good thing, because her model for adults and children is exemplary. Students are seeking her out, because Mrs. Alexander is helping them know that she is approachable, trustworthy, a fantastic listener, and truly cares for our children. As a principal, I have never seen an adult become familiar with students in such a brief amount of time. I wish I had her amazing ability to help students feel comfortable, inspire them to seek assistance, and teach them to begin to solve their own problems – with their head and their heart. Mrs. Alexander has answered a call desperately needed at Noble Prentis. Students and staff alike are taking a deep breathe, knowing she is available to council us toward a healthy mind and positive spirit."
-- Sincerely, Jim Poplau, Principal at Noble Prentis

-- November 20, 2013 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors February 2016 Employees of the Month


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored two employees as Employees of the Month at their meeting on February 23, 2016.  Employees are pictured below; Cecelia Stauch, from T.A. Edison Elementary School, and Brandy Treaster, from New Stanley Elementary School. 

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That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Cecelia Stauch from T.A. Edison Elementary School and Brandy Treaster from New Stanley Elementary School as the Employees of the Month for February 2016, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

EXPLANATION: “Ms. Cecelia Stauch is a product of the KCK school system, graduating from F.L. Schlagle High School.  She has gone on to dedicate her employment career to the students in Kansas City, Kansas.  She has been an ED paraprofessional for 16 years.  She inspires excellence on a daily basis and she exemplifies the district’s values and expectations.  Ms. Stauch is involved in the Juniper Garden volunteer program for Paraprofessional Continuation of Learning. She brings out the best in everyone.  She is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet.  Ms. Stauch is responsible and “do the right thing” is a motto that she follows daily!  She holds herself and her colleagues to this high standard.   Being a para is such hard work.  But Cecelia makes the job look easy.  Every day she builds on her relationship with the students.  She is the student’s greatest advocate!!  She knows that when her students succeed…she has done her job!!”

Cindy Cop, Principal T.A. Edison Elementary

“Ms. Brandy Treaster stepped into her teaching role and amazed her students, their families, and the staff of New Stanley last year.  She pursues learning and actively sets personal goals and learning goals with her students.   She immersed herself in all of the New Stanley activities by participating in after school tutoring, meeting with parents before and after school, and following through with every commitment she makes.  Her peers describe her as, ‘dedicated to the learning of her students, she provided them all the tools they need to succeed.  In a short amount of time, Brandy Treaster has become a cornerstone of the New Stanley School, and an incredibly important member of her students’ lives.  She is in the right place, New Stanley, at the right time, now!”  

Ryan Most, Principal, New Stanley Elementary School

KCK Board of Education Honors February 2015 Employees of the Month


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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored the following people as Employees of the Month at their meeting on February 10, 2015: (first individual photo, Mr. Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher at St. Pt. North Elementary School, & second individual photo, Ms. Darlene Harris, Recovery Room Monitor at Argentine Middle School.)

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Darlene Harris, Recovery Room Monitor at Argentine Middle School, and Ray Lipovac, Physical Education Teacher at St. Pt. North Elementary School, as the Employees of the Month for February 2015, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

 “Mrs. Darlene Harris exhibits unlimited patience with our students as a Recovery Room Monitor.  I appreciate the effort and extra time she has put into making our recovery room a safe place for our students to get a second chance and concentrate on their educational growth.  She continues to seek opportunities to expand her knowledge on student behavior management and become better prepared to deal with some of our most difficult students.  She exhibits unlimited patience with our students.  Mrs. Harris has an amazing ability to develop relationships with the students in her classroom.  I am happy to nominate her for employee of the month.” 

Ileana Farney, Assistant Principal, Argentine Middle School

“Mr. Ray Lipovac is a great example by not only representing his school as the P.E. Teacher, but also being an example for other KCK Public Schools district PE Teachers to follow.  Ray extended his responsibilities and skills beyond the PE realm by having some of his students create and maintain a ‘PE Portfolio’.  This portfolio doesn’t only cover physical education subjects but a “whole person” concept as well that children can carry on into adulthood.  Beyond the PE portfolios, Mr. Lipovac involved an NFL star from the San Diego Chargers, Darrell Stuckey, also a former Stony Point North student in a Play-60 grant.  I know the students and staff have become motivated to have a physical fitness regimen in their life.” 

Jay Overbaugh, School Counselor, St. Pt. North

KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month - January 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognizes  Loni Elrod, Copy Center Technician at The Central Office, and Angela Fiatte, PE Instructor at  Coronado Middle School, as the Employees of the Month for January 2017, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.  

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“Loni Elrod has worked for the KCK Public School District for 31 years in a variety of capacities providing support to many buildings and departments of the District.  She is always quick with a smile and the difficulty of the project never seems to bother her, or the unrealistic expectations of turnaround time attached to the work.  She is forever looking for ways to improve the service the copy center and is able to provide to all employees and students. She has been at the forefront of adding software to the copy center to allow for electronic movement of proofs and cost management.  She truly exemplifies a standard of customer service that merits the five star rating.” 

Robert Young, Director of Purchasing

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“Angela Fiatte is the Gym teacher at Coronado Middle School but does so much more than that.  She is always great with the students and staff at Coronado.  She is always friendly, reliable, and responsible.  She always eagerly volunteers to help before even being asked.  Ms. Fiatte goes above and beyond her duty to assist students in health and safety.  She goes out of her way to support and encourage her colleagues and students.  When Mrs. Fiatte sets her mind to do something, you can guarantee that it will get done.  We are nominating Mrs. Fiatte as Employee of the month because of her hard work and dedication to students here at Coronado.  We appreciate all that she does for us and with us to better our students educational experience!” 

Renee Dominguez-Santos, Receptionist/Office Secretary