KCK Board of Education Honors December Employees of the Month


December 2013 Employees of the Month.

Steve McGill

During my time with the district, I was fortunate to work with Steve as he assisted in many areas needing his expertise as a mechanic and welder.  Regardless of the request, Steve was the picture of professionalism.  Along with being a mechanic, Steve is an expert welder.  He has fixed and put back together anything and everything from metal desks, to xylophones to equipment for students who are vision impaired.  He truly loves his work and works to make the life of others happier and easier thru his contributions.  I am honored to call Steve my friend and colleague.  He is truly one of a kind.
-- Sincerely, Theresa Van Goethem, consultant

Tammy Haught

Tammy Haught is a great 3rd grade teacher at Whittier Elementary who always goes above and beyond in her classroom.  The special touch that Tammy adds around the holidays is why I feel she should be recognized as an employee of the month.  Tammy has taken it upon herself to offer a free "holiday shop" in her classroom for the second year in a row. She has reached out for donations through her family and friends, and always obtains enough items so that each member in the household gets a gift.  What a great feeling for each student to be able to give to their loved ones during the holiday season!  Especially considering the majority of her students are from low income families.   Keep up the great work Tammy!  You are truly appreciated.
-- Sincerely, Erin Clemmons, friend

-- December 12, 2013 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors October Employees of the Month



The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored several people as Employees of the Month at their meeting on October 14, 2014: (individual photo, Tim Stauffer, language arts teacher at Wyandotte High School, (group photo) the Nutritional Services staff at Washington High School (front row, from left) Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Charles, Anita Walker (back row, from left) Crystal Knight, Geraldine Gray and Brad Black.  Washington staff not pictured are:  Latisha Battles, Vernon Curnal, Sena Hook, James Johnson, Luz Mendoza, Isabel Reyes, Derrick Sanderson, Susan Stack and Latorya Wheeler. 

“Tim deserves recognition for the orchestration of the KCK District Poetry Slam series.  Over the summer, he organized other teachers at all the KCKPS high schools, scheduled and conducted meetings both in person and via Google, and laid the groundwork for five separate poetry slam competitions to be held during the 2014-15 school year and every year afterward.  The first such event was held at Washington High (students, teachers, administrators, and parents) to hear students read their original poetry.  Tim deserves special recognition for his sincere belief that slam poetry builds community, and for acting on that belief with passion and thoroughness…Tim has coordinated a ‘competition’ but more importantly, he has coordinated a collaboration, a community among all the area high schools, all the while building a sense of city pride and fellowship.”  

Ryan Acosta-Fox, English Teacher & Paul Richardson, English Teacher

“On September 23, 2014, there was a water main break or some type of water leak at Washington High School.  This occurred in the kitchen area and it affected the entire area.  Food Service personnel had to shut down all three serving lines.  Barbara Johnson, manager for the Washington kitchen, and her staff took the food they prepared and brought it out into the main seating area of the cafeteria.  They prepare the food for serving, buffet style on a table and they served more than 1,000 students a HOT meal.  They served them through one serving line.  This process ran the same on all three lunch periods.  It was orderly and they did a phenomenal job!! ”  

Officer Audra K. Moore, School Resource Officer at Washington High School

-- September 18, 2014 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month on December 2016

Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for December. Congratulations to Wayne Correll, Assistant Director of Purchasing at the KCKPS Central Office, and Joanna Schindel, ESL Teacher at F. L. Schlagle High School. The following are excerpts from their nominations:

eom 12.16

Wayne Correll
Assistant Director of Purchasing, KCKPS Central Office

“Wayne is truly the type of person that makes you wonder how you survived before he joined the district. He is always calm, collected and ready to help. During the transition to the new financial software, he was always encouraging and resourceful. He calmed the fears of change and showed everyone how much better the new system is. When the SRP buckets and bags were launched, he was right there ready to help. Making sure all the supplies were delivered and the buckets and bags were completed. We have yet to find a problem he cannot solve.”

Joanna Schindel
ESL Teacher at F. L. Schlagle High School

“Mrs. Schindel has been in the school for just over a year as a teacher of English Language Learners at Schlagle High School. She has shown many great attributes including becoming involved in multiple committees, planning with other teachers in similar and different content areas to create project-based learning with meaningful and accessible projects, helping to coordinate special events to showcase project based learning. She brings out the best in her students and goes above and beyond in the classroom.”

KCK Board of Education Honors January 2016 Employees of the Month


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four employees as Employees of the Month at their meeting on January 12, 2016.  Employees are pictured (from left) Andrea Richardson, school psychologist at Earl Watson, Jr. Early Childhood Center; Rosa Chavez and Frida Torres, ESL aides at Morse Early Childhood Center; and Erika Salazar, bilingual special education para educator at Morse Early Childhood Center.

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That the Kansas City Board of Education recognizes Rosa Chavez & Erika Salazar, ESL aides, and Frida Torres, bilingual special education para, all from Morse Early Childhood Center; and, Andrea Richardson, school psychologist at Earl Watson, Jr. Early Childhood Center, as the Employees of the Month for January, 2016, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hudson, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.

 “Rosa, Erika & Frida are excellent examples of ‘5 Star Service’! They have taught us so much. Truth be told, we would not be able to do our jobs without these ladies! Whether it be calling and scheduling home visits for our Head Start Family Service Workers, calling a parent for the nurse when a child is sick, assisting our speech and language pathologists, school psychologist or social worker during evaluations, or translating during an IEP meeting….no matter what we ask them to do, they are always efficient, professional and compassionate.  They do an outstanding job of making our parents feel comfortable during home visits.  They are one of the greatest assets to the Morse Community. There is nothing they won’t do to help staff and families without them much of what we have to communicate that is essential to our students’ success would be lost. Thank you for honoring them tonight as employees of the month. ”

Debi Apple, Principal; Cassie Woiderski, Nurse; Tory Anderson, Family Service Worker; Amanda Newell, Behavior Interventionist; Fu Her, Family Service Worker; Meghan Curtis, Family Service Worker; Crishana Swinton, Family Service Worker; and Kendra Flores, Teacher Leader.

“Andrea Richardson is the Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center Psychologist by name; but in reality she is SO much more.  As a new employee last year, I couldn’t have asked for a better school to start at or better co-workers.  Andrea was right there to ‘show me the ropes’.  She was energetic, professional, completely prepared for anything that came our way.  Andrea truly knows what it means to be a team player….she goes above and beyond the call of duty!   With a constant smile on her face it seems that nothing can keep her from being a bright light to all of the children, families and staff that come through our door.  She plays a crucial role in early intervention and identification in preschoolers becoming kindergarten ready.  As Dr. Evelyn Hill says – what charges her is kids graduating high school – what charges Andrea is watching a child break every stereo type with the help of early intervention and enter kindergarten READY! She is an invaluable mentor in my life and irreplaceable employee.  I’m excited to see the impact that Andrea will continue to make in our district for years to come.” 

Drea Carr, Family Service Worker, Earl Watson, Jr. Early Childhood Center

KCK Board of Education Honors January Employees of the Month


January 2014 Employees of the Month.

Miriam Torres

"For many years at New Stanley, Miriam Torres in her role as an ESL/Bilingual aide has epitomized the contributions a school can make in a family's life. She cares for every child she encounters and encourages the best in each of them. She holds them to task when they begin to step off the directed path, but even more importantly, she celebrates each of their successes and accomplishments. It has become obvious that for many of our families, when they think of New Stanley, they are thinking of Miriam and everything she has done for them and continues to do. We have been so fortunate at New Stanley to have her level of professional knowledge in her use of Spanish and teaching expertise. We have been able to maintain professional, bilingual communication with our community for many years due to her abilities".
-- Sincerely, Ryan Most, principal

Eli Jones

"The 8th grade team of Eisenhower Middle School would like to nominate Eli Jones as Employee of the Month. He is one of the most committed teachers who we've ever met. He expresses his passion for his students and for his craft in everything that he does. Along with his regular school duties, he puts on numerous performances and takes on projects that are above and beyond his job description. He is a teacher to revere, as he values his work and his students, opens new doors to offer underprivileged youth, and works cooperatively with his peers. Additionally, he manages fundraisers to support the students' endeavors; he is the soccer coach at Eisenhower and volunteers to lead a 7th - 12th grade boy’s choir each week. Eli is looked up to by his fellow teachers. He communicates well with the rest of the staff, stays positive and always lends a helping hand".
-- Sincerely, Matt Mortensen, Poonam Sharma, Quinn White, Amy Brownlee, Cindi Thomas, Todd Buttermore, & Mary Mikijanis, Teachers

-- January 22, 2014 News Release