KCK Board of Education Honors November 2015 Employees of the Month


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored two employee’s at the November 24th board meeting, 2015.  Employee’s are pictured from left, Rudy Ramirez, ESL Instructional Aide at Coronado Middle School and Dawn Schwartz, 7th Grade Math Teacher at Northwest Middle School.

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Dawn Schwartz

Dawn Schwartz is an incredibly diligent and conscientious teacher for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.  Despite the multitude distractions that face classroom teachers, Dawn never loses her focus on high quality learning outcomes for all students.  She effectively collaborates with teachers regarding instruction and student achievement.  She intentionally plans for time with her colleagues during grade-level team meetings, professional learning community.  Her dedication to all students is evident because she has accepted various leadership roles over the years in hopes of establishing a positive culture for colleagues, parents, and students at Northwest Middle School. I highly recommend Dawn for Employee of the Month.  Sincerely, Joe W. Graham, Assistant Principal, Northwest Middle School

Rudy Ramirez

Mr. Rudy Ramirez is an incredible addition to our district.  His commitment does not end with supporting English Language Learners in the classroom.  In fact, it spans further than most people in our building realize.  Mr. Ramirez is always available to help teachers, students, and parents without complaint.  His commitment to student success might start during math, language arts, science and social studies, but it doesn’t end there.  He joins students during and after school events and encourages them through practice. What has touched me the most about Mr. Ramirez is his selflessness.  There are afternoons I will walk the halls after leaders have cleared the building and I can hear him in class, working on his personal time to teach  lessons to students in Spanish.  He does this on his own!  He is humble when others see and compliment his passion and dedication.  He is a role model to all young people at Coronado Middle School.  Sincerely, Jennifer Ray, Assistant Principal, Coronado Middle School

KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month - October 2016

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education recognizes  Mr. Kirk Duckers from KVC Academy and the Argentine Middle Custodian Staff, consisting of Victor Abarca, Brandon Holmes, Cedric Prince and Keith Harris, as the Employees of the Month for October 2016, as recommended by Dr. Evelyn Hill, Board of Education Member and Chairperson for the Employee of the Month Committee.  

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Argentine Middle Custodial Staff – Victor Abarca, Brandon Holmes, Cedric Prince and Keith Harris

“The custodial team at Argentine are polite to our students and staff. They are timely in addressing our building’s needs and finding solutions to some interesting “old building” issues. If something needs to be addressed in a classroom, we know it will be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. It is clear they all take pride in taking care of our building, our staff and most importantly our students. They are extremely friendly and they make everyone’s day a little brighter. We appreciate you!”

eom 10.16 2

Mr. Kirk Duckers
teacher at KVC, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

“Mr. Duckers came to KVC not knowing what the daily challenges would be. He came in with a clear mind, open heart and willingness to work with some of the most challenging children in the school system. Mr. Duckers is creative and uses an innovative approach when handling our youth of various learning abilities. He is willing to modify his teaching methods based on his class’s needs and personalities with no “ego” on his part, about preferred teaching styles. Mr. Duckers is the teacher that should receive “an apple a day!” He comes in daily with a smile on his face, never complaining and eager to engage the students in learning. Mr. Duckers demonstrates KVC’s S.T.A.R. model by showing safety and trust.”

KCK Board of Education Honors October 2015 Employees of the Month



The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored the Student Services Department (names listed below with the photo) and KCKPS Police Officer Theamos “DJ” Howell, Jr., from Argentine Middle School at the October 27, 2015 Board of Education Meeting. 

KCKPS Police Officer Theamos Howell, “DJ”, Jr., of Argentine Middle School


Today, especially, students need a good role model and leader.  Theamos Howell, “DJ”, Jr., KCKPS Police Officer at Argentine Middle School is exactly that.  He has developed strong relationships with both the students and the staff.  He is consistent, compassionate and kind, but he maintains the standards for student excellence and accepts nothing less.  When Mr. Howell is needed for any reason, he is there, for both the staff and the students.  He assists with behavior, helps with cafeteria duty, speaks with and encourages students.  Because he is very approachable, students look up to him and respect him.   His presence and leadership makes a difference!!  Thank you for considering him for this recognition.” 

Heather Hamtil,  ESL Teacher,  Argentine Middle School

The Student Services Department


(Photo, starting with front row, left, Marsha Oyer, Matthia Kelsey, Susan Meier, Noemi Sanchez, Leticia Pompa, Miguel Torres; Second row, left, Valerie Anzicek, Allison Thomas, Ashley Washington, Marie McFeders, Vanessa Mora, Carol Collins, Lisa Garcia, Octavio Estrella; Third row, left, Kerry Wrenick, Tina Richardson, Michelle Wortham, Lilia Alvidrez, Daryel Garrison, Rosie Rodriguez, Betsy Camacho Clay and Omayra Patterson.)

The Department of Student Services is a team that demonstrates teamwork and outstanding customer service. The team arrives early, stays late and will always support families, staff members and each other.  The team doesn’t think in isolation, but rather how can they help each other to be more efficient in meeting the needs of our families.  This team is resourceful, creative, and committed.  This team provides our families social and emotional support and more often than not, simply a listening ear. The team is always present and engaged at community events such as the Back To School Fair, Community Health Fairs and other weekend activities that may require the balance of their personal and family time.  The team works so closely together that the nomination seemed appropriate as a team.  They are; Valerie Anzicek, Octavio Estrella, Tina Richardson, Daryel Garrison, Michelle Wortham, Ashley Washington, Marsha Oyer, Susan Meier, Lisa Summers, Allison Thomas, Kerry Wrenick, Marie McFeders, Matthia Kelsey, Noemi Sanchez, Carol Collins, Omayra Patterson, Lilia Alvidrez, Leticia Pompa, Brianda Lobotas, Vanessa Mora, Miguel Torres, Rosie Rodriguez, and Betsy Camacho Clay. This team has such heart and truly believes in the mission of the district, “Every grown-up, every child, every day”.  

Lisa Garcia, Director Student Services  (As a surprise, the board member and selection committee felt it was very appropriate for Lisa Garcia to also receive an award, along with her team.)

KCK Board of Education Honors March Employees of the Month


March 2014 Employees of the Month.

Marie McFeders & Kerry Wrenick

"With unending joy and patience, Kerry Wrenick and Marie McFeders are always willing to assist those in need. They help provide not only continuity of education, but they also assist with those things that many people take for granted every day: toothpaste, soap, clothing, shoes, socks, and many other necessities. As the need for assistance has increased, Kerry and Marie have met the challenge and have succeeded. It is a joy to work with Kerry and Marie as their positivity has spread throughout the district. No task is too small or too large. They both are gracious and sensitive to those who are served by the McKinney-Vento Program."
-- Sincerely, Ann-Marie Jackson, Migrant Data Specialist

Carolyn Chambers

"Carolyn Chambers has been a teacher in our district for 12 years and is the Tier 2/3 Reading Instruction Coordinator and a vital part of the Leadership and Literacy Teams at Welborn Elementary School. Her love and dedication to the profession can be seen in her work. During the school hours, Mrs. Chambers works with 1st through 3rd grade students as a Tier 2 teacher. Besides her role as a teacher, she takes on many other duties, and her leadership role is valued. She serves on the Literacy and Leadership teams where she brings her expertise and insightfulness. It is for these and many more reasons we want to honor Carolyn Chambers as employee of the month."
-- Sincerely, Jamila A. Harris-Smith, Counselor

-- March 25, 2014 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors Employees of the Month - September 2016

Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the KCK Board of Education as Employees of the Month for September.  Congratulations to Majayla Garrett, para at KCK Early Childhood Center, and Megan Anthony, counselor at Quindaro Elementary.  The following are excerpts from their nominations:

eom 09.16

Majayla Garrett
para at KCK Early Childhood Center

“Majayla Garrett, a 2004 graduate of J. C. Harmon, has worked for the Kansas City, Kansas School District for the last six years. She spent her first five years working in the kitchen at Silver City. Last year after deciding she wanted to spend more time with kids she transferred to KCK Early Childhood Center. She is truly a ray of sunshine at our school. Majayla is always smiling, singing, laughing and dancing with the kids. She loves them all like they are her own children. Majayla is always going above and beyond while she is at work. She is a natural teacher and motivator. In her short time at our school, she has made a huge impact. Our school is a better place because of her.” 
Sincerely submitted,
Andrea Murray, teacher & Abby Ohmes, teacher

Megan Anthony
counselor at Quindaro Elementary

“Megan Anthony is not only our school counselor, she wears many hats. Megan juggles many situations without the bat of an eye. Megan is always willing to lend an open ear and words of advice to anyone who comes her way, no matter what the age or issue. Megan works with our students with an open mind and an even bigger heart.   She helps find ways to provide students with clothes, water, food, transportation, school supplies and even beds.  She strives for the best for all Quindaro students.  Megan Anthony is courageous in her work, confidential at all times, professional and has a spark of fun in everything she does. She is a true example of what every teacher, administrator and paraprofessional should strive to be. She is simply a selfless soul.” 
Sincerely submitted,
Nicole Heier, 5th grade teacher & Kyle Joyce, 3rd grade teacher