KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for October


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on October 28th 2014: ( from left), Ngainunmawi (Maui) Sonna from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science: Jocelyn Vang from West Middle School; Dominic Chacon from John Fiske Elementary School; and Chael Robinson from Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center.

Chael Robinson, Pre-K
Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Bunny Bray, Teacher, Julie McEathron, Special Education Teacher, Miss Kitty Gatchet, Para & CNA

“Chael Robinson is our nominee for this month.  He is patient with his classmates.  He also tries hard to follow the rules and helps other children do the same.  When an issue over toys or space occurs, he figures it out in a calm, gentle fair way. We love our kiddos, and Chael is a joy to have in class!!”  

Bunny Bray, Teacher, Julie McEathron, Special Education Teacher & Miss Kitty Gatchet, Para & CNA

Dominic Chacon, 5th grade
John Fiske Elementary School
Nominated by: Vickie Stone, Administrative Assistant

“Dominic is a 5th grade student at John Fiske Elementary.  He is a born leader who is very helpful not only in his classroom, but in our office too! He volunteers to help in the office every day after school.  He is also President of John Fiske Student Council.  He is also a peer helper.  Dominic always has a smile on his face and is a very positive role model for the younger students.  I know Dominic will go far in his life as he exhibits all the qualities and characteristics of a leader!”  

Vickie Stone, Administrative Assistant at John Fiske Elementary

Jocelyn Vang, 6th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: Emily Brown, ESL Teacher

“Jocelyn is a model student at West Middle School.  She is very respectful to adults and her peers.  She is a kind, helpful student and always has a smile on her face. Jocelyn is a great participant in class and is always engaged in the lesson.  She does quality work and is always striving to improve.  Her teacher has nothing but wonderful things to say about her.  I highly recommend her for student of the month!”  

Emily Brown, ESL Teacher

Ngainunmawi (Maui) Sonna, 12th grade
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science
Nominated by:  Jonathan Richard, Principal

“Since I have joined the staff at Sumner Academy, I have met great students from all walks of life.  Then I was privileged to also meet Maui (Ngainunmawi) Sonna.  She has a wonderful story about her journey so far.  She is a fantastic student and we are proud to have her at Sumner Academy.  She currently has a 3.92 GPA and scored a 25 on the ACT test.  Maui shared with me that throughout her high school career, she has grown as a leader through engaging in student body organizations such as National Honor Society, People to People International, and Spanish National Honor Society. Her ambitions are to give back through education within the United States and to other countries around the world.  We are very proud of her accomplishments. ”

Jonathan Richard, Principal