KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for February

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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on February 24, 2015.  Students are pictured (from left) Dominick Donovan, St. Pt. South Elementary School; Lesslie Hernandez-Rodriguez, Central Middle School; Eliana Kahler, Morse Early Childhood Center; Van Lal Lian, Wyandotte High School; and Devin Donovan, St. Pt. South Elementary School. 

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Eliana Kahler from Morse Early Childhood Center, Devin Donovan from St. Pt. South Elementary, Dominick Donovan from St. Pt. South Elementary, Lesslie Hernandez-Rodriguez from Central Middle, and Van Lal Lian from Wyandotte High School as Students of the Month for the month of February 2015.

Eliana Kahler, Pre-K
Morse Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Amber Block, General Ed Teacher; Carey Pittman, SPED Teacher & Yolanda Guess, Para Professional

“Eliana has made significant gains both socially and emotionally as well as academically. In addition to classroom skills, she is a very outgoing and helpful student.  She loves to help in the lunch room and the classroom with sweeping and cleaning.  She stays behind each day in the lunch room and helps the lunch ladies pick up the serving utensils from each table and puts them in their soapy buckets for them to be cleaned.  However, our favorite thing about Eliana, is her big heart and compassion for others.  She is very aware of the feelings of those around her and is very empathetic to the needs of her peers.  Eliana is well on her way to be one very successful kindergartner, and although we are going to be sad to see her go, we can’t wait to see all the great things she will do in elementary school next year!!” 

Amber Block, General Ed Teacher; Carey Pittman, SPED Teacher; & Yolanda Guess, Para Professional

Dominick Donovan, 3rd grade & Devin Donovan, 1st grade
Stony Point South Elementary School
Nominated by: Teresa Quinn, SLC teacher K-2

“Dominick and Devin are two brothers who attend Stony Point South.  They are both very friendly children and work hard on academic tasks, striving to be the best they can be.  We love having them in our school.  During the Christmas season, both boys showed exemplary citizenship skills as well as compassion by choosing to give back to others.  Both Dominick and Devin decided to give up one big Christmas gift apiece, so that they could help to provide Christmas for a child who otherwise would not have gotten Christmas.  Their mother reported that they went shopping with her to help select the gifts and that they had a great time doing it!!   I am proud of their compassionate and giving spirits and feel honored to nominate them for Student of the Month.” 

Teresa Quinn, SLC teacher K-2 

Lesslie Hernandez-Rodriguez, 6th grade
Central Middle School
Nominated by: John Lazzo, Chris Schinzel, Stephen Gaughan & Ken Beach, Teachers

“Every once in a while you get a student in your class who has such a positive impact on you and your classroom that you know you’ll remember them the rest of your life. That’s Lesslie Hernandez-Rodriguez. Lesslie is a straight-A student who is enthusiastic about learning and works very hard to achieve her goal of going to college.  What sets Lesslie apart is her selfless sharing of her knowledge with others.  She is a “go-to” student to whom her teachers assign struggling students to tutoring and guidance.  It is always amazing to watch how Lesslie takes on these projects with the same zeal that she has for her schoolwork, yet she gets nothing in return for her service except the gratification of helping another student.  Lesslie is an integral part of Central Middle School.  She makes all of us, students and teachers alike, better.  We are lucky to have her!!” 

John Lazzo, Chris Schinzel, Stephen Gaughan & Ken Beach, teachers

Van Lal Lian, 12th grade
Wyandotte High School
Nominated by:  Mary Stewart, Principal

“Van Lal Lian is a senior at Wyandotte High School who arrived in the United States four and ½  years ago with very limited formal education and he spoke no English.  Van said he believed and knew he could be someone.  Van is a designer and thinker.  When Van entered high school, he enrolled in the challenging pathway of Engineering/Technology.  The teacher of his Global Engineering Small Learning Community had high expectations.  Van Lal Lian’s academic strength is closely coupled with his strength of fortitude and tenacity.  Van studied English every night.  He practiced and asked to practice it with teachers after school.  He also became friends with English-speaking friends, and as he spent time with them, he continued to improve.   Academically, Van is always growing and excelling, he meets the challenges in front of him and surpasses them.  Van is preparing to graduate in the top ten of his high school class with successfully completing the highest level of math and science available to him.  He is ranked 7th out of 307 in his graduating class.   I am happy to nomination him for the student of the month!” 

Mary M. Stewart, Principal at Wyandotte