KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for March

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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on March 24, 2015.  Students are pictured (from left) Kendrick Jackson from Wyandotte High School; Felipe Corona from the KCK Early Childhood Center; Kaliarra Peterson from White Church Elementary School; and Chyler Hughes from Eisenhower Middle School.

That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Felipe Corona from KCK Early Childhood Center, Kaliarra Peterson from White Church Elementary, Chyler Hughes from Eisenhower Middle School and Kendrick Jackson from Wyandotte High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.

Felipe Corona, Pre-K
KCK Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Janelle Wheeler, Teacher

“Felipe is both a wonderful student and citizen.  One of my favorite things about Felipe is his initiative.  He is quick to help others, even when it hasn’t been asked of him.  Many of our students are native Spanish speakers, which can prove to be difficult; however, this year has been easier because Felipe has been helping translate for both his peers and his teachers.  Felipe is always happy, and loves coming to school.  He is very well-mannered and respectful of everyone.  He is making great academic gains and his problem solving skills are outstanding!   I am honored to nominate Felipe as student of the month.” 

Janelle Wheeler, Pre-K Teacher

Kaliarra Peterson, 5th grade
White Church Elementary School
Nominated by: Amanda Griffin, 5th grade Teacher

“Kaliarra (Kali) is a remarkable fifth grader.  Her genuine character shines through in everything she does.  You can count on her to exhibit excellence within each facet of the day.  She takes her academics seriously and is always showcasing what “being a learner” is all about.  She is creative and loves to explore new crafts with her family and friends.  She is willing to cooperate and help out others…. when she sees someone in need.  She is an excellent role model for behavior, modeling kindness, control and a positive attitude.  I am proud to nominate Kali for student of the month.” 

Amanda Griffin, 5th grade Teacher

Chyler Hughes, 6th grade
Eisenhower Middle School
Nominated by: Cassandra Nix, Christine Shade, Angie Cakin, Stephanie Budt, Teachers & Patrice Dorian, Assistant Principal (6th grade team)

“Chyler is an extremely motivated student…….she goes above and beyond what is asked of her.  She is polite and respectful, and she is a great role model for other students.  Chyler is helpful to teachers and always volunteers to help anyone that needs it. Chyler is sweet and kind, and she is a very good citizen.  She is an asset to both science club and the newspaper staff, and she is a creative and funny student.  She is a pleasure to have in class and she is an excellent example of everything our district expects of exemplary students!” 

6th grade Team

Kendrick Jackson, 11th grade
Wyandotte High School
Nominated by:  Michael Rebne, English Language Arts Teacher

“Kendrick Jackson is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.  He is developing into a master of communication.  He is bilingual, able to converse in both English and sign language.  His writing sets him high above the rest…..in his first junior semester he has already accumulated college credit in an English class!  He excels in many other areas as well, which causes Kendrick to fall into leadership roles. As a well-rounded scholar-athlete Kendrick also stays busy on the athletic field.  He has a warm and kind disposition and truly embodies everything that our school district strives to be!” 

Michael Rebne, English Language Arts Teacher