KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - September 2016

At its meeting on September 27, the KCK Board of Education recognized Students of the Month for September: Amy Torres from Morse Early Childhood Center, JaNya Richardson from New Chelsea Elementary, Paw Way from West Middle School and Daylen Borisouth from F.L. Schlagle High School.

som 9.16

Amy Torres, Pre-K
Morse Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Meggan Schempp, General Ed teacher, Carol Chavez, Sped teacher, Tammy Walker, Para at Morse Early Childhood Center

“Amy is a great example of a kind and helpful peer.  She is always recognizing another student’s need (before even being asked to help by the teacher) and is stepping in to help her peers who may need a little extra help.  She helps her peers in a kind and gentle way and is always an eager student to learn and try new things.  Amy is truly an amazing child, and she will do great things in life!!”  Sincerely, Meggan Schempp, General Education teacher, Carol Chavez, Sped teacher, and Tammy Walker, Para at Morse Early Childhood Center

JaNya Richardson, 2nd grade
New Chelsea Elementary School
Nominated by: Nikki Braam, 2nd grade teacher & Krista Sheldon, 1st grade teacher

“JaNya Richardson is being nominated because she deserves to be recognized for the amazing person she is.  She is a sweet and soft-spoken young lady that is respectful and responsible.  ….however this is only a small piece of what makes her amazing!  She is a quick learner and creative thinker!   JaNya has faced heart-breaking obstacles in the past year and in spite of her tragedies, she comes to school, ready to learn, ready to be challenged, and ready to help me in any way she can.  Not only does JaNya deserve this honor, her father and late mother deserve to have their daughter recognized as they were and are the most important teachers she will ever have.  She is an exceptional reflection of her parents.”  Sincerely, Nikki Braam, 2nd grade teacher & Krista Sheldon, 1st grade teacher

Paw Way, 8th grade
West Middle School
Nominated by: The 8th grade team, Rachel McIlvain, Edgar Jones, Ashley Campbell, Ryan Schreiner, Caitlyn Thompson and Jennifer Lenz

“As a student athlete, Paw epitomizes how the 8th grade team defines the perfect balance of academic and extra-curricular success.  She is an active member in various clubs at West and plays on the Lady Buffalos volleyballs team.  As an athlete she demonstrates good sportsmanship and integrity.  As a student, she acts conscientiously inside and outside the classroom.  She embodies the school’s character education vision….and we know she will do great things beyond her time at West Middle School.”  Sincerely, The 8th grade team of teachers (listed above)

Daylen Borisouth, 9th grade
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by:  Richard Bellotti, Math Teacher

“Daylen Borisouth is an example of a well-rounded student, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average through Middle School and continuing this academic excellence into High School with a 4.0 on his first grade card!  He is also involved in numerous extracurricular activities including marching band, wrestling, cross country, and bowling.  In class he is an emerging leader, assisting his struggling classmates and proactively seeing new challenges.  He embodies the characteristics of a 21st century learner, being self-motivated and well rounded.  I am pleased to nominate Daylen Borisouth.”  Sincerely, Richard Bellotti, Math Teacher