KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - October 2016

Congratulations to the October Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on October 25, 2016.

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From left: TeAmari Pruitt, 3rd - Grade Bethel Elementary School, Corajean Cunningham, 12th - Grade Washington High School, Cesar Robledo, 6th Grade - Rosedale Middle School. Ivan Hernandez-Jimenez, Pre-K - Morse Early Childhood Center (not pictured, to be honored in November)

TeAmari Pruitt
3rd Grade, Bethel Elementary School
Nominated by Patricia Morgan, teacher

“TeAmari Pruitt is a 3rd grade student in my classroom at Bethel Elementary who I am very pleased to have.  She has had some struggles in the past, but has always put forth her best effort and it has paid off.  She participates in class daily and is always a great citizen.  She has become more confident in her abilities and that makes a big difference.  She has a warm smile that grabs everyone around her.  I am very pleased to have her in my classroom.  Thank you for choosing her as the elementary student of the month for October.”  Sincerely, Patricia Morgan, 3rd grade teacher, Bethel Elementary

Cesar Robledo
6th Grade, Rosedale Middle School
Nominated by Leayn Losh, choir director/debate coach 

“Cesar Robledo, what a great young person at Rosedale Middle School!!  He is a new 6th grader to our school, and right from the start he has shown such great character traits.  He is a good student, good to others, very helpful and kind.  He wants to be a performer when he grows up and has already tried out for our ‘Show Choir’ and made it.  He is a true leader in all he does at school and in his life.  I just want to tell him thank you for being such an upstanding young man.  He is very deserving of student of the month!  What a true amazing young person to represent our school.”  Sincerely, Leayn Losh, Choir Director/Debate Coach, Rosedale Middle School

Corajean Cunningham
12th Grade, Washington High School
Nominated by Lt. Col. Patrick McCormack

“Cadet Colonel Corajean Cunningham is the absolute # 1 cadet of over the 2000 I have worked with in my eleven years in this school district.  She is by far the most mature, professional student this building has ever had.  Teachers, the Administration, and her peers have unparalleled respect for Cadet Colonel Cunningham.  From the first time I met her in our Air Force Junior ROTC class I realized she was different, she took control of her young flight and became their leader.  She has twice been recognized as the Cadet of the Year for our program, and is currently the highest ranking, most decorated cadet in the program.  As the Wing Commander she is personally responsible for leading and managing every aspect of our 260-cadet program.  Her outstanding accomplishments are not limited to ROTC.  Ms. Cunningham is an academic superstar as well; she has a 4.1 GPA, is ranked # 3 in her graduating class, and is a member of the National Honor Society and many other accomplishments. She has also volunteered several hundred hours in her community to such organizations as Harvesters and Stand Down for Homeless Veterans.  Due to the economic challenges she faces in her life she also works part-time to help support her family.  I am proud to nominate to you Cadet Colonel Corajean Cunningham.”  Lt. Col. Patrick McCormack, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

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