KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - March 2017

The Kansas City Board of Education recognize Le’Land Burks, Aniyah Woodard, & Andy Torres from NCO Early Childhood Center, Jamarion Alexander from New Stanley Elementary,  Joshua Wells from Rosedale Middle School and  Lily Yang from F.L. Schlagle High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.

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Le’Land Burks, Aniyah Woodard, & Andy Torres, Pre-K

Nominated by: Susanne Mahoney, Speech Language Pathologist at NCO Early Childhood Center

“It is a pleasure to nominate these 3 outstanding preschool children.  The students were chosen by the teaching team; along with their parent’s approval, to participate in a study through the University of Kansas, Juniper Gardens Children’s Project.  These 3 students were selected because they have positive social skills and like to interact with their friend who has a communication delay.  They serve as a  ‘buddy’ for the friend in the classroom.  Le’Land, Aniyah, and Andy participated in a training and have learned how to be a good peer buddy. They are patient, kind, and just typical kids, directing their friend and getting him involved in activities.  Each of these peer buddies take a day of the week playing with their friend for 10-15 minutes using different strategies to get their friend to use the iPad/communication app.  They are his cheerleaders!  Each accepts him unconditionally. I am so proud of each one of them! ”   Sincerely, Susanne Mahoney, Speech Language Pathologist, NCO Early Childhood Center

Jamarion Alexander, 5th grade
New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: Jamie Brann, Brandy Treaster, April Hoffman & Mark Hall, 5th grade Teacher Team from New Stanley & Jennifer Murray, Marna Kerr, Jennifer Spears, & Janet Postlewait, IA Team (Music, Art, P.E. & Library)

“Jamarion Alexander is a true treat to have in class this year.  He has made a complete turn-around in both his behavior and his attitude toward his education.  He is respectful to his teachers and follows directions.  He gets along well with his peers and works well with them in groups.  We can count on him now and are very excited about the change and effort that we have seen!  Jamarion is currently near perfect attendance and is striving in my class.  Through developing many social skills, he is creating friendships that could potentially last a life time.  He is confident and determined and focused on his education.  We can always count on him to provide a mature response to any conflicts that occur with peers.  Our entire team is very excited by the change and effort that we have seen in Jamarion this year and hope to see his continued success in the future!”  Sincerely, 5th grade Teacher Team & IA Team (Music Art, P.E. & Library) 

Joshua Wells, 7th grade
Rosedale Middle School
Nominated by: Officer Alvaro Agon

“I have been with the district for 3 years and have never nominated a student.  Long story short; we have a seventh grade student here at Rosedale who has had a very rough time since 6th grade. He was in and out of trouble and had his fair share of referrals and suspensions.  He came back to regular classes after have to attend A.S.P. (After School Program) for behavior related issues.  I met with Josh when he returned and he assured me he wanted to do the right thing and he wanted to excel at school. Fast forward a few months and he has stayed out of trouble, drastically changed his attitude, and improved his grades completely!  I know he had made some bad decisions in the past, but he has turned things around, we have stuck with him and believed in him, he has worked very hard and I believe he deserves the recognition.”  Sincerely, Officer Alvaro Agon, Rosedale Middle School

Lily Yang, 9th grade
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by:  Richard Bellotti, Math Teacher & Sara Cosse, Teacher

“Mrs. Cosse and I would like to nominate Lily Yang for High School Student of the Month for March 2017.  Lily was a Silver Honor Roll member for Fall Semester is on her way for Gold Honor Roll in the Spring Semester.   She is part of the Math Relay team and plans to join Pep Club.  She exercises regularly in the park and maintains a 3.0 GPA.  She competed in Cross County Racing in Middle School.  She is helpful in class working with struggling students and sets a positive example of the Greek Saying: A strong mind in a strong body.  She embodies what a 21st century learner should be, and we are very proud of her!”  Sincerely, Richard Bellotti, Math Teacher & Sara Cosse, Teacher