KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for February


February Students of the Month.

Ke'Shaun Ervin, 5th grade

Quindaro Elementary School
Nominated by: Nicole Heier, Teacher

"I am nominating Ke'Shaun Ervin for student of the month for numerous reasons including academic performance, attendance, perseverance and character. However, there is one trait that sticks out among all the others - Ke'Shaun's willingness to help anyone and everyone, regardless of the situation. I would love to share with you a few examples of his caring character from this year."
-- Sincerely, Nicole Heier, teacher

Olivia Caudillo, 7th grade

Eisenhower Middle School
Nominated by: Cassie Gentry, Vickie Byrd, Michael Traffis, Jessica Schmitt, & Deanne Moore, Teachers

"We nominate Olivia Caudillo for district student of the month. She excels academically, and she goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She sets high expectations for herself and works diligently to meet them --- and often she does. Olivia is a perfect example of the type of student that the district strives to produce, and we are proud to be involved in her education!"
-- Sincerely, Cassie Gentry, Vickie Byrd, Michael Traffis, Jessica Schmitt, and Deanne Moore, 7th & 8th grade team teachers

Autumn Carter, 10th grade

Washington High School
Nominated by: Sara Cosse, Math Teacher

"I would like to nominate Autumn Carter for student of the month. Autumn Carter is a strong leader here at Washington High School. She works hard to ensure her grades are top notch. She advocates for herself in order to communicate with her teachers effectively ... I enjoy teacher Autumn and with students like Autumn, our school shows that we are inspiring excellence!"
-- Sincerely, Sara Cosse, Math Teacher

-- March 4 News Release

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for December


The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on December 9th, 2014: Congratulations to (front, center) Milton Escobar from New Stanley Elementary School; (back row, from left) Jocelyn Belmont Rosas from Rosedale Middle School; Amber Lee Smith from J.C. Harmon High School; and Dominic Huskey from New Stanley Elementary School.

Milton Escobar, Kindergarten
New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: Jennifer Nolan, Theresa Barry, Heather Quaas and Nicole Simmons, Co-Teachers

“Milton is a student in our kindergarten class.  He is a leader and is a pleasure to have in our class. His motivation to do well academically and behaviorally is amazing! He is a wonderful friend to his peers and is also a great role-model for others. He has empathy towards others and always follows our class rules.  He is a shining beacon of light in the kindergarten class!”

Jennifer Nolan, Theresa Barry, Heather Quaas and Nicole Simmons

Dominic Huskey, 2nd grade
New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: New Stanley 1A Team

“Dominic thrives in multiple learning settings through New Stanley. The 1A team at New Stanley would like to recognize Dominic’s outstanding performance and determination throughout school by nominating him for student of the month.  Dominic is very focused, on task, strives to be a leader and always wants to do his best.  He is always willing to try a new technique, or try something outside of his expertise.  Dominic is a fantastic asset to our school!”  

Teachers Gloria Hastings, music, Marna Kerr, art, Jennifer Spears, P.E. and Janet Postlewait, library

Joselyn Belmont Rosas, 7th grade
Rosedale Middle School
Nominated by: Jacob Pike and 7th-GradeTeachers

“Jocelyn is great at helping others by translating and being a positive role model. She works very hard on all of the assignments and is constantly named by teachers as a model student. We are very proud of her skills and her focus.  We are happy to nominate her as student of the month for December.” 

Jacob Pike and 7th-Grade Teachers at Rosedale Middle School

Amber Lee Smith, 12th grade
J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by:  Steve Howard, Teacher & Coach

“Amber currently ranks 11th in her graduating class.  She is an honor roll student, member of the National Honor Society and is the President of both the JC Harmon Orchestra and the Creative Writing Club. . . . She has excelled in both academics and extra-curricular activities while at Harmon.  She is involved in other ways with the community, helping with outreach programs, Harvesters and other volunteer programs.  She will be successful in her future.  I am proud to call her a student of the month.”

Steve Howard, Teacher & Coach

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month - December 2016

At its regular meeting on December 13, 2016 the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education recognized the December Students of the Month. Pictured below: (back row, from left) Mayar AL-Shaikhli, grade 6 at Eisenhower Middle; North Gaddis, grade 11 at F.L. Schlagle High; (front row, from left) Nathan Clark, Pre-K at KCK Early Childhood Center; Eddie Seamster, grade 5 at Bethel Elementary.

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KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for December 2015

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The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four exemplary students as December Students of the Month at the Board of Education, December 8th, 2015.  Students are pictured below ( from left) Angie Hernandez-Martinez from T.A. Edison Elementary School; Thu Za Oo from Central Middle School; Kingston McClease from Morse Early Childhood Center; and Adrianne Wilson-Murphy from F.L. Schlagle High School.


That the Kansas City Board of Education recognize Kingston McClease from Morse Early Childhood Center, Angie Hernandez-Martinez from T.A. Edison Elementary, Thu Za Oo from Central Middle School and Adrianne Wilson-Murphy from F.L. Schlagle High School as Students of the Month as recommended by Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of Schools.


Kingston McClease, Pre-K
Morse Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Mandi Mynatt, Teacher

“Kingston is a warm and caring student in a combined preschool classroom.  We had a new student start attending our classroom that had a lot of difficulties with the transition to school and Kingston took to the boy instantly!!  One of the student’s favorite things was dinosaurs, and Kingston would build them for him in blocks constantly, never complaining if the boy knocked them over, being patient as the boy learned how to have safe hands at school. He reached out and became a friend. He even worse dinosaur clothes to school and when asked why he said it was for his friend! Thank you for selecting him as one of the students for December.” 

Mandi Mynatt, General Ed. Teacher

Angie Hernandez-Martinez, 5th grade
T.A. Edison Elementary School
Nominated by: Cindy Cop, Principal

“Angie is a 5th grade dream student that every teacher wants in their class and that every principal wants in their building!!  She takes learning very seriously.  She is willing to help others…..she is very friendly, …..and dependable. She has helped in the office on many occasions by walking visitors around the building and delivering notes to classrooms.  Because she is bilingual, she has helped bridge some communication gaps between teachers, students and parents!  She is also trying to teach me Spanish!   Recently, Angie was observed walking down the hall at dismissal time walking with some Pre-school students.  Angie turned to one little girl and gave her a high five!  When I asked if Angie knew the little girl, she said, ‘No.  But I wanted her to know that she did good work at school today!  I am proud to nominate Angie as our student of the month.” 

Cindy Cop, Principal

Thu Za Oo, 8th grade
Central Middle School
Nominated by: Connie Christian, Teacher

Thu Za is a persistent and patient student.  She works well with others and never gives up on herself or her peers.  She is willing to ask questions…….and her grades and MAP scores are evidence of this.  Thu Za has made so much progress throughout middle school.  Her success in academics is obviously her priority and she focuses in order to achieve that goal.  Thu Za is respectful to all of her teachers and her peers.  She patiently helps her peers when they need assistance without judgement and often with enthusiasm.  I know that I will read about the many accomplishments of Thu Za in her future!”  Sincerely, Connie Christian, Teacher

Adrianne Wilson-Murphy, 11th grade
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by:  Rebecca Brown, Family and Consumer Science Teacher & Raneka Truelove, English Language Arts Teacher

“As one of Adrianne’s teachers, I have had the pleasure of working with Adrianne in class and as a Link Crew Leader.  As a Link Crew Leader, Adrianne has been exceptional! In addition, she is a major presence at our events for Freshmen…..which includes many activities. She is always a cheerful volunteer and I’m so pleased and honored I get to work with her.  Sincerely, Rebecca Brown, Teacher.  As I work with Adrianne in her English Language Arts class, I can say I am a very proud teacher to experience the determination and hard work she brings to our room!  She is very intelligent and desires to go the extra mile to make sure her work is exceptionally done.  Adrienne is very headstrong, yet sweet-hearted.  I see so much potential in her; I know she will be a powerful force in this world.  Go get ‘em, girl!!” 

Raneka Truelove, English Language Arts Teacher

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The Board of Education also recognized a student at the December 8th, 2015 board meeting that was unable to attend the November board meeting.  This student is: Robert Lemus-Salinas from New Stanley Elementary School.  

Robert Lemus-Salinas, 5th grade
New Stanley Elementary School
Nominated by: The Integrated arts team

“Robert is an amazing student, the kind every teacher would love to have in his or her class.  He is always on task, focused on learning, and helps other students.  He is a great classmate who is willing to work with anyone.  He is a pleasure to have in each of our classrooms.  Robert takes a leadership position among his peers, winning over their respect with his fairness and friendliness.  He is always willing to try a new technique, or use a new skill.  I admire Robert; I hope his future is bright, and he achieves whatever he sets his mind to.  He is a great classmate who is willing to work with any anyone.  He is cooperative and has a good attitude. ” 

The Integrated arts team: Marna Kerr, Art; Jennifer Spears, P.E.; Janet Postlewait, Library, & Gloria Hastings, Music; teachers from New Stanley

KCK Board of Education Honors Students of the Month for December


December Students of the Month.

Damya Johnson is one of the most unique preschoolers that I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching at the KCK Early Childhood Center.  Not only does Damya excel in her academic skills, she is so well-behaved, you would think that she's a little lady!  It is very important to point out that Damya would not be who she is if it weren't for her parents.  After having the privilege of visiting the home, I was able to really see Damya's connection to her family.  I know she loves them more than anything.  She absolutely loves helping in any way that she can.  This young girl could be anything she wants to.  I know that she will make KCK schools proud every day for the next thirteen years.
-- Sincerely, Janelle Wheeler, Teacher

Dominic Gonzalez, 2nd grader at Noble Prentis Elementary is an amazing young man who strives to learn all that he can.  We, at Noble Prentis, have P.R.O.U.D. traits that we live by and encourage each other throughout the day.  They stand for perseverance, respect, ownership, understanding and dedication.  Dominic continually exhibits all five traits daily and encourages his classmates to do the same. Dominic has amazing perseverance when completing work that is difficult for him.  If he doesn't understand or has a question, he doesn't hesitate to ask for help.  He arrives daily with a smile on his face and ready to learn.  He has a desire to learn and strives to continually improve.  Dominic is an outstanding example of a KCK student.
-- Sincerely, Shannon Callahan, Teacher

Kevin Her, 7th grader at West Middle School is always willing to learn and shows great perseverance in all classes and tasks.  He will always complete work, even when difficult or he might struggle to understand a given assignment.  Additionally, Kevin always has a positive attitude and is a model student for the student body of West Middle School.  Finally, our candidate for student of the month has a contagious personality; the students and staff truly enjoy being around Kevin each and every day.
-- Sincerely, Hailee Schmidt, Teacher

Jesus Galvin is an 11th grade student that teachers love to have in class at J.C. Harmon High School.   He is a very dedicated student and has high aspirations for his future.  He is bilingual and is always helping his classmates with their assignments.  Jesus is a hard working, dedicated and focused on being successful.  I am very proud and feel privileged to write this recommendation.
-- Sincerely, Steve Howard, Teacher at J.C. Harmon

-- December 12, 2013 News Release