I’m interested in a position listed but no salary range was included. Where can I find this information on the website?

If you are applying for a certified (licensed) position, you may view the Negotiated Agreements on our website. If you are applying for a classified (non-teaching) position then salary level will vary by position and is unavailable to view online.

I’ve applied for a position! What’s next?

Thank you for your application! Please track the status of your application via your KCKPS applicant account online. Here you will find the most up-to-date information regarding your application status.

My application status is marked_______. What does this mean?

  • Pending – Your application has been received
  • Application Under Review – Your application is under review
  • Screened – Your application has been reviewed
  • Referred for Consideration – Your application has been received by a Hiring Manager
  • Hired – You have been hired for the position
  • Closed – The position has been filled by another candidate

My application status has been the same for quite some time. Am I still being considered?

Yes! Due to the variety of positions, volume of applicants and review of departmental requirements, the timeline for each individual position will vary. Should you be a candidate of interest, you will be contacted by a hiring manager.

May I call the Human Resources office to check on the status of my application?

The most up-to-date source when checking on the status of your application will be your KCKPS applicant account. While you may call the office, the information shared with you will be identical to what is noted in your KCKPS applicant account.

Can’t I just talk to the supervisor for the position?

We want you to be assured that a hiring manager will be in touch with you if it is determined that you are a candidate of interest.

I’m trying to check on the status of my application but I cannot get logged back in to School Recruiter! What should I do?

Visit the KCKPS applicant website and select the “I forgot my Username or Password” link. Follow the prompts to regain access to your account.

I applied for a position weeks ago but haven’t heard back. Is my application still active?

If your status has not changed to “closed” then, yes, both your application and the job position are still active. Job openings are posted from many different departments so hiring timelines will vary.

I am a current employee. How can I be sure my application is considered “internal”?

To ensure that your account is noted as internal, visit the KCKPS applicant website and select “Current USD 500 Employees Enter Here” from the top right corner. Select “Yes, I am an employee” and enter your Employee ID number in the next screen and select continue. When the screen displays the empty fields for your information do not enter it. Instead, move your cursor up to the top of the screen and enter your current applicant username and password in the log-in fields. Select “Sign In” and your information should automatically populate on the page. Select “Save” and proceed to the application of your choice.

I’ve accidentally withdrawn my application when making a change online! What should I do?

You may contact the Human Resources office at 913-279-2262 to have your application re-activated.

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