Enrollment FAQ

  • What is required to enroll a new student in Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools?
    • Proof of address (provide one item)
      • Utility bill (gas, water, electric, or phone) or
      • Rental agreement or mortgage agreement or
      • Driver’s license with current address or mail that includes name and current address. (Please note: Mail addressed to “Resident” or “Current Resident” is not considered a valid proof of address.)
    • Proof of Identity:
      • Certified copy of state issued birth certificate. (Please note: Wallet size birth certificates and hospital certificates are not accepted.)
    • Record of Immunizations:
  • Who is eligible to enroll in schools in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools?


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Student Services

Mission Statement

Student Services will be "in service" to instruction by providing a host of resources that foster success and creates opportunities for student achievement.


  • To implement the Risk Focused Prevention Model to systemically and systematically structure prevention efforts district-wide
  • To enhance awareness of the behavioral and social needs of students, while sustaining effective programs to teach pro-social skills
  • To support a violence prevention, bullying prevention and/or conflict management component for Pre-K — 12 students and faculty to promote a safe and conducive learning environments
  • To provide and support alternative education programs for students/families maximizing school commitment and academic success
  • To increase parent involvement in prevention and intervention services
  • To increase community involvement in prevention and intervention services.

Wyandotte County Truancy Program

The Wyandotte County Truancy Program's intent is to have students return to school and maintain their attendance. This program is based on the Kansas Compulsory Attendance law that requires every child who is enrolled in school and/or has reached the age of seven years and is under the age of 18 unless excused in accordance with provisions of Kansas law (K.S.A. 72-1113) attend school. Therefore, a student is truant when:

    • He/she is required by law to attend school and is not enrolled
    • A student is truant when he/she is inexcusably absent from school a significant
      part of the school day
    • A student is truant if he/she is absent without a VALID excuse for 
      • 3 consecutive Days
      • 5 Days in a school semester
      • 7 Days in a school year

The success of the program is measured by the number of unexcused pre and post absences, as well as participation in the Truancy Diversion Program. The Truancy Diversion Program requires the parent and/or guardian and middle/high school student to attend and complete four consecutive classes.  The student’s attendance will also be monitored for 120 days. Students receive support from a Truancy Monitor during the 120 days monitoring period. Along with Diversion Classes, parent support groups are facilitated by social workers and community resources are given in support to maintaining good attendance.

  •  The Secondary Diversion classes focus on:
      • Understanding Kansas Truancy Laws 
      • Diversion
      • Court – Petitions
      • Kansas Code for Care of Children
      • How Truancy Issues are Addressed 
      • District Attorney’s Involvement with Truancy Cases
    •  Review of the Code of Conduct

    •  Sustaining current District programs (Family Advocacy, STS, PACT) 
      • Potential reasons for truancy (drugs, gangs, behavior, bullying)
    • Second Step Curriculum
      • Decision Making Skills
      • Coping with Stress
      • Setting Attainable Goals
    • Academic Success 
      • Importance of an Education
      • Graduation Requirements
      • Education Alternatives
The Elementary Diversion Program consists of social workers, who conduct assessments to identify root causes for truancy and provide support and resources to maintain good attendance.  The Truancy Diversion Program requires the parent and/or guardian to attend and complete three classes.  The student’s attendance will also be monitored for 120 days. Students receive support from a Truancy Monitor during the 120 days monitoring period. 
The Elementary Diversion classes focus on:
    • Parenting issues/concerns 
      • Parenting Classes for Elementary Parents are given through PACES

 If you have any questions regarding our Truancy Program, please contact the Truancy Program Specialist, Rosie Rodriguez at 279-2247.

Student Code of Conduct

Revised April 2017

NOTE: After opening the Student Code of Conduct, clicking on an item in the Table of Contents will automatically take you to that page in the booklet.