Board of Education


The KCKPS Board of Education (from L-R): Brenda Jones, Board Vice President Wanda Paige, Harold Brown, Maxine Drew, Dr. Stacy Yeager, Janey Humphries, and Board President Dr. Valdenia Winn.

As of February 13, the board meetings will now be available on

View the August 6 board meeting:

Board of Education Highlights for Monday, August 6

During the August 6 special Board of Education meeting, the board approved the hiring of employees in keeping with their strategic priorities of a high performing workforce in the school district.

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Board of Education Highlights for Tuesday, July 31

During the July 31 Board of Education meeting, the board reviewed the Notice of Hearing and approved resolutions for the 2018-19 budget – another step further in approving the new budget. As you may recall on July 24, the board approved publishing the notice of hearing for 10 days in the district approved newspaper, The Record. This document will be in the paper from August 2 – 12.

Other important budget dates:

  • August 14 – Public Hearing of the Budget – Approve the Budget
  • August 25 – Submit Approved Budget to the County Clerk and Kansas State Department of Education

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About the Board of Education

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is governed by a seven-member body of citizens elected by the voters of the school district. These seven members are charged with making sure that the school district operates in the best interests of the students and the community. All members serve without pay.

The board of education is the school district's governing body, as set forth in state and federal law. The board is responsible for setting district policy, adopting an annual budget, and approving of general district matters, including personnel, curriculum, facilities, and other district business matters. The board is responsible for hiring the superintendent of schools, and is responsible for overseeing the superintendent's duties and performance.

Board of education meetings are normally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the third floor Board Room at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Central Office and Training Center, 2010 N. 59th Street. This year, several Board meetings are scheduled out in schools. The entire board meeting schedule can be found in the right submenu — "Meeting Calendar". Except as otherwise provided by law, all meetings for the conduct of the affairs of and the transaction of business by the Board of Education of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools shall be open to the public.