Bullying Prevention & Character Education

As we work toward helping every student become proficient in reading and math, we must also address those issues that may impede students' ability to learn. Students who lack pro-social skills make poor choices resulting in consequences that impede their learning. Just as students are taught to add, subtract, and read, they must be taught to empathize, manage their emotions, control their impulses, and solve problems effectively and appropriately. To accomplish this, students in preschool through grade 8 receive direct instruction utilizing the Second Step curriculum. High school students receive direct instruction utilizing the School-Connect curriculum. Both Second Step and Red Card provide a research-based vehicle for students to learn invaluable skills in the areas of empathy, anger/emotion management, impulse control, and problem solving.

As we increase the systemic awareness of bullying and other inappropriate social behaviors through on-going training, our students ultimately benefit. We are able to facilitate positive relationships within our schools, with our families, and with our community. More importantly, we are able to provide our students with pro-social skills that will positively impact their lives, prepare them for productive futures, and truly help them become life-long learners.


KCKPS Bullying Policy

JDDC Bullying (See EBC, GAAB, GAAE, JCE, JDD, JGEC and JGECA)JDDC The board of education prohibits bullying in any form, including electronic means, on or while using school property, in a school vehicle or at a school-sponsored activity or event. The administration shall propose, and the board shall review and approve a plan to address bullying on school property, in a school vehicle or at a school-sponsored activity or event.

The plan shall include provisions for the training and education of staff members and students and shall include appropriate community involvement as approved by the board. Students who have bullied others in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and expulsion. If appropriate, students who violate the bullying prohibition shall be reported to local law enforcement.


KCKPS SECD Resource Guide

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