Eugene Ware Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

Eugene Ware: All Aboard the Success Train!

Great year at Eugene Ware. 

Great turn out of families for our “Pop & Drop” (a.k.a. Back to School Night).

PTA is very active at Eugene Ware.  With monthly meetings for parents and teachers to collaborate and learn about ways to help their children.  We are grateful for PTA as they host lots of activities for the year, for example “Trunk or Treat”, Christmas store for our students to purchase items for a low cost for their family, and our biggest event – “Carnival” at the end of the year. 

Caring for Kids has been established and have been very helpful with community partners.  Our partners helped out tremendously at the end of year school “Carnival”.  We look forward to continuing this partnership and gaining more relationships with community vendors.

According to our NWEA MAP data 53% of our students are on grade level or higher in Reading and 36.7% in Math.  Students who grew from the Fall to Winter testing window were able to go KC Bowl as their reward for the hard work and growth shown in either Math or Reading. 

We started strong with attendance with 96% of our students being present.  We ended the year with 92% of our students attending daily.  Still have room to grow, but look forward to partnering with parents and students to end 2018-19 at 95% or higher.

We had 3 students who ran faster than the Dr. Lane in the Are You Faster than a 5th Grader event.

About 180 students, more than half of our student body was recognized as Excellent Eagles.  Excellent Eagles showcase leadership skills, and are chosen by staff as they exhibit behaviors that support the character traits each month studied and discussed within their classrooms and with the Counselor.

In support to Diploma+, students were able to see up close a military helicopter called a Chinook in the Spring.  Students observed it land and take off on our school grounds.  Lots of wonderful questions students asked as to how it works, and where our military personnel have travelled, and why did they chose a career in military. 

Over 90% of the students at Eugene Ware were eligible to attend the end of the year field trip to Science City based on their Fall to Spring MAP growth in Math or Reading.  Our 4th and 5th graders were able to ride the Kansas City Streetcar in line with our yearlong theme of “All Aboard the Success Train!”  Kindergarten through 5th grade attended a movie at Science City and lots of engaging in Science exhibits.

Eugene Ware's Mission Statement

To provide a responsible and challenging learning environment in which students will develop a positive self-image as active lifelong learners striving to reach their goals. 

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