Frances Willard Elementary School

School Highlights 2017 - 2018

Frances Willard Mission Statement

Frances Willard Elementary will provide a posiTive, chalLenging, Caring and safe learning experience for all students.

Frances Willard Vision Statement


We held school-wide celebrations quarterly called Harambees. Students and classes were recognized for outstanding effort, attendance and achievement. The school community celebrated these achievements with chants and cheers, and we saw an increase in the number of students receiving recognition as the year progressed.

Fitness Challenges

  • Our 5th graders participated in a physical fitness challenge called “Are You Faster than a 5th Grader?” Several students were selected to race against the superintendent, and all 5th graders complete a 5K walk.
  • 4th and 5th grade girls participated in the city-wide program called Girls on the Run which develops self-esteem while promoting physical fitness.
  • All 3rd graders participated in Kansas Kids Fitness Day, a full day of various physical challenges and races.

Career Day

3rd-5th graders interviewed professionals from a wide variety of fields during our annual Career Day. Students chose which career professionals they wished to interview and asked questions about what the job involves. The purpose is to expose them to a vast array of career possibilities.

Family Engagement

Turn-out was high for families who came to the school to learn different ways they could engage their students in math, literacy or fitness activities. Turn-out was also very high for each grade’s music performance.


Frances Willard was in the path of the total solar eclipse, and all students learned about the eclipse. All students watched the event from various points on the campus.

Eco Kids

Seventeen students competed in a program called Eco Kids. As part of the program, they made two field trips to Big Eleven Lake to observe aquatic life and to test water and soil. They also participated in a neighborhood cleanup.

Literacy Festival

Frances Willard students participated in the annual district Literacy Festival. Our students competed with 23 other elementary schools to answer questions about numerous books that they had read over the course of the first quarter. This year the competition also involved some performance pieces.

Growing Heroes

Several students participated in an afterschool program called Growing Heroes. Students learned about human emotions and also learned techniques for managing strong emotions and maintaining healthy self-esteem.

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