Grant Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Awards Assembly-Annually students are recognized for their increased student achievement, efforts, attendance, and outstanding behavior.
  • Back to School Festival-A Back to School Festival is offered for parents and students at the start of the school year to provide an opportunity to meet staff, find their classroom and to meet their child’s teacher to begin to develop a relationship with the teacher which is important to student success. 
  • Carnival-Grant’s Annual Carnival is a time for parent/family/community involvement.  Families enjoy lots of fun, food, games, and prizes.
  • Family Advocacy-The Family Advocacy System is a program that assigns every student to a teacher who serves as their advocate.  The advocate works with students and their families.  With parents as partners, the advocate works with the student to ensure the student’s success.  The student, parents, and advocate work together to set goals and review the students’ academic progress during the Family Advocacy conference.  Family Advocacy conferences are held twice a year along with monthly contact from the child’s advocate.
  • Field Trips-Parents are encouraged to attend field trips to be part of their child’s learning experience.
  • Family Nights-are provided to give families another opportunity to find out the focus of instruction in the classroom encouraging parents to continue the learning at home which will support the school with increased academic performance of students. 
  • Happy Bear-Presentation to Kindergarten and First Grade students by Sunflower House to teach students good and bad touch and the importance of telling when someone touches in a bad way or makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Kindergarten and Fifth Grade Promotion-allows families to experience a culmination of academic success with their child and the school.
  • Observations-Parents are encouraged to observe in classrooms, assist teachers and work with their child at home.
  • Book Fair (Fall/Spring)-The Scholastic Book Fairs provides students, parents, and staff with additional opportunities to purchase picture books, easy readers, chapter books, mystery, fantasy, and  adventure books are among the many available selections.  Students have independence of making their own purchases and have books they keep at home to encourage reading at home for 20 minutes per day.
  • Score I for Health-is a health promotion and disease prevention program for elementary-aged children built upon the belief that optimal health and well-being enhances one’s ability to learn, grow and develop creatively.  Due to inclement weather Score I was postponed to the 2017-2018 school year.  Each year Score I continues to work with students of Grant Elementary. 
  • Scrubby Bear-Presentation to Kindergarten and First Grade students by the American Red Cross to teach students about good hand-washing and the importance of keeping their hands clean to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Student Agendas/Folders-are provided to every student to communicate with parents along with providing children management skills.  The compact is provided within the agenda to daily remind parents of the partnership between parents, teachers, students and the principal.  Other information is provided within the agenda so that parents will be informed about the school, policies and expectations at Grant Elementary.
  • Backsnack Program-provides students with non-perishable food such as canned, fruit, vegetables, cereal, milk, juice, etc.  This provides students with food for the weekend that is nutritious for them.  Food is provided from Harvesters which is then sent home with students every Friday.
  • Student Council-Elections are conducted each year for student council.  Students make speeches to hold office of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; representatives are also selected per grade level.
  • Volunteer Appreciation-is given to parents of Grant Elementary.  At this time parents will have an opportunity to review the parent involvement policy providing input as to what might be added or removed as it supports the involvement of parents and the collaboration of the academic performance of students.

Grant's Mission Statement

The mission of Grant Elementary School is to develop independent lifelong learners who are productive members of society.

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