Hazel Grove Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

Wow! What a year! Hazel Grove had an awesome school year filled with academic growth and personal gains. We started the year with tons of team building to develop working communities with our staff and students. We held a community carnival, a Hero Dance, and several movies night were students, teachers and parents were able to join together for some family fun time.

Students were celebrated monthly for exhibiting character traits during our Hornet Hero’s Assembly. Classes were also recognized for their abilities to develop communities with clear, high and fair expectations through the use of the character traits. 

Each classroom maintained a working data will where students were able to track their learning and growth on assessments. This allowed students to take ownership of their learning by setting and achieving their growth goals. We also worked with Junior Achievement who brought out local community members who worked with our students on the concept of personal finance.

Our Young Leaders of Tomorrow partnered with the Wayside Waifs to bring therapy dogs to HG. Each classroom was able to have a visit from a canine friend. YLOT also held a family movie night and the money raised was donated to Wayside Waifs.

This year the Faster than a Fifth Grader winner was a Hazel Grove student.  Christopher Mancinas-Bonilla was a student who led the way on and off the field.

We also, celebrated our 5th grade leaders who upheld the Hornet Way throughout the entire school year and demonstrated the leadership and life skills needed to be successful in the 21stcentury by going to Main Event.

This was a great year and I look forward to seeing HG soar to new heights!

Hazel Grove's Mission Statement

Our mission as Hazel Grove Hornets is to be critical thinkers who respect ourselves and others and are self-motivated to be lifelong learners.

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