Mark Twain Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

Student Achievement:

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

  • Reading: 52% of all students met growth targets, 47% performed at or above the 50th Percentile, 18% performed at or above the college and career readiness targets. In addition, our Fountas and Pinnell Testing showed 58% of our students performed at or above district grade level benchmarks.
  • Math: 47.5% of all students met growth targets, 40% performed at or above the 50th Percentile, 11% performed at or above the college and career readiness targets

Other Positive Attributes:

  • School Wide Behavioral Expectations and Goals: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Learner, Believe in Yourself, Achieve to Higher Standards, and Succeed at Whatever You Set Your Mind To are our governing principles. Our management philosophy recognizes positive behavior and students are recognized with Weekly Best Effort Awards and Student of the Month Awards.
  • Family Advocacy System(FAS): FAS focused on strong relationships, social skills instruction, and problem solving.
    English as a Second Language (ESL): Approximately 65% of our student population consists of non-English and limited English speaking students. Most of the staff is ESL endorsed. The site has two ESL teachers and two aides who fully collaborate in the general classrooms.
  • School Improvement Team: The SIT team, led by our school counselor, meets regularly to discuss student needs (both academic and behavioral), classroom interventions, and the impact of the interventions for students.
  • Mark Twain Lead Team: A team made up of the Principal, Coach, and group of Teachers meets regularly to make instructional decisions and management decisions for the school site.
  • Partnership with USC: The Urban Scholastic Center under the direction of Chuck Allen partners with Mark Twain to provide volunteers and programs for working with students during the school day and after school. USC works with our students in the areas of character building, literacy, and making wise choices.
  • Family Nights: Mark Twain offered opportunities for parents to participate with their children in evening programs including the Music Program in December, Literacy Nights, a Career Night, a Science/ STEM Night, and a Summer Reading Program Kick-Off.
  • Score 1: Score 1 provided health screenings for the students at Mark Twain. The screenings resulted in students getting necessary health and dental assistance.
  • Summer Climb Program: For the fourth year in a row, a summer reading program was offered to encourgage and support continual reading throughout the summer. The 2017 X-STREAM Camp centered around STREAM: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math and added a PE component.

Mark Twain's Mission Statement

Mark Twain is a community that fosters genuine learning, values cultural diversity, promotes individuality within a team, and empowers students to persevere toward their full potential. 

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