McKinley Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

McKinley Elementary staff and students would like to thank the community for supporting the recent bond proposal. We are excitedly awaiting new playground equipment. Physical fitness is important to us. We know that if we want our brains to be sharp, our bodies must be strong. We’ve sponsored Girls on the Run for both fall and spring sessions, and we’ve worked hard to keep soccer practices in place. Our boys’ soccer team was proud to represent McKinley in the Commissioner’s Cup tournament at Bethany Park on May 6. Go EAGLES!

We’ve had some great family nights this year: Mad Science did lots of hands on experiments with us that made us think outside the box, The Harlem Ambassadors worked our brains and our bodies on the basketball court, and our Cinco de Mayo celebration was alive with folklorico dancers, a DJ, piñata making, lots of games and activities, and FOOD. We love tostadas! We also loved the petting zoo that came to us on field day, and our fifth grade Candy dance was fantastic.

McKinley students show great character. Over 120 students have been acknowledged this year for showing outstanding character. We also have many impressive writers. Each month, teachers select two of their best writers to read some of their pieces of work to us in an assembly. McKinley kids are great readers, too! We’d like to thank our public library for showering us with new books. Each child was able to select 2-3 new books to take home and read over the summer. McKinley kids are the best, but we couldn’t do it without the support of our families, the community, and the school district. Thank you!

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