New Chelsea Elementary School

School Highlights 2016 - 2017

  • Meet Your Teacher Night — A Back to School Night was offered for parents and students at the start of the school year to provide families an opportunity to find their classrooms and to meet their child's teacher to begin to develop a relationship with the teacher, which is important to student success.
  • Student Council —Students had the chance to voice their opinions and work to improve our school. Student Council continues to be very active & successful!
  • Young Leaders of Tomorrow-Students leadership team that came up with an idea to improve the appearance of the school with a “Golden Plunger” initiative. Students learned that it took a lot of work to keep the school clean!
  • Fundraisers: Students collected over $5,000 in chocolate & trash bags; New Chelsea’s goal was to support classroom field trips.
  • Filed Trips:  Students were able to attend academically focused field trips such as StarBase, Kansas City Zoo, Deanna Rose Farmstead, Kaleidoscope, Kauffman Performing Arts, Nelson Atkins Museum, Coterie Theatre and the Brown vs, Board of Education Tours…AMAZING!
  • Student Improvement Team (SIT): The teams met monthly to discuss academic and behavioral needs of students. Recommendations for classroom interventions were made to support student learning.
  • Trunk or Treat: Staff and students had a great time dressing up in their favorite costumes, going trunk to trunk collecting treats from their community and enjoyed spooky parties in their classroom.
  • Scholastic Book Fair: A Fall and Spring Book Fair was provided for students to build their home literacy library. We sold over $5500 in books!
  • PTA:  The New Chelsea Parent Teacher Association helped foster a valuable home/school connection as well as providing resources and activities for our children and community. Activities included: Skate Nights, Trash Bag Sells, 5th Grade Dance, Trunk or Treat & Room Parties, and much more!  Way to Go…PTA!
  • Celebrations: Jennifer Doerfler, Speech Pathologist, was selected as New Chelsea’s 2016-17 Star Teacher of the Year.
  • Collaboration — Teachers worked collaboratively with Special Education and ESL services to meet the needs of all students, working both in and out of the classroom to improve student achievement. Teachers worked in Professional Learning Communities to study and plan together.
  • Tier lll Intervention: Tier lll Intervention after school, was provided for students to support student learning in Literacy and Mathematics.
  • Technology- Students were provided with 2:1 IPADS & 1:1 Chromebooks!  Teachers continued to embed technology into their curriculum, everyday instruction and daily rotations to blend student learning.
  • Grade Level Musical Presentations: Each grade level K-5 had an evening musical presentation for the parents at New Chelsea. The showcase was creative, fun and interactive for all those who attended! 
  • Family Advocacy Program: This program helped foster strong relationships between the teacher, student, and the student's family. Families left with an understanding of their child’s academic progress.
  • Counselors-Rebecca Perkins & Adrienne Rogers, assisted in the social and emotional care of the students of New Chelsea. They successfully implemented the counseling curriculum as well as led the Young Leaders of Tomorrow leadership group.
  • Community Support/Mentorship Program: Multiple members of the community supported New Chelsea in a variety of ways (ie. School supply donations, Food donations, Turkey dinners, Holiday baskets, Holidays gifts, backpacks, coats, bookmobile, dental care and much more!) 10 men volunteered and mentored several boys as a way to keep them focused, and committed to their goals and student achievement. The students of New Chelsea learned key life skills that they can transfer into the real world. This was a WONDERFUL program!

New Chelsea's Mission Statement

Inspiring Excellence
Every Grownup, Every Child, Every Day

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